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Viral attention is being awarded to those who focus less on the individual

Implications - Viral attention is being awarded to those who utilize power in numbers. The idea of a huge mob and belonging to a large group is desirable for consumers so, as a result, many popular ad campaigns, contests and viral videos focus on the spectacle of large crowds rather than the individual.
9 Featured, 34 Examples:
1,650,441 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 09 — Oct 09
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Kanye vs Ashton High Five Battle
Kanye vs Ashton High Five Battle
Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher were part of an epic high five battle that saw 75 Ashtons and Kanyes “Exploit Chaos” in Toronto’s Dundas Square.  The “Kanye vs Ashton”... MORE
Mad Hatter Flash Mobs
Mad Hatter Flash Mobs
Disney Promos Tom Binns' 'Alice in Wonderland' Jewelry Line
Disney built up hype for Tom Binns' 'Alice in Wonderland' jewelry line just as anything worth seeing these days should be promoted: with a flash mob. Disney took over MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas with… MORE
Viral Real-Life Commercials
Viral Real-Life Commercials
Verizon Network Heads to the Slopes to Flash Mob a Snowboarder
Many of us have seen the ubiquitous Verizon Wireless commercials that show Paul Marcarelli as a Test Man walking around with the Verizon network entourage in tow. This flash mob guerrilla ad places Marcarelli… MORE
play_circle_filled Massive Tribute Flash Mobs
Massive Tribute Flash Mobs
12,000 Fans in Mexico City Celebrate Michael Jackson's Birthday
August 29th would have marked Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday and fans all over the world paid homage to the King of Pop in celebration. Mexico City held a massive flash mob that attracted more than… MORE
play_circle_filled Commemorative Flash Mobs
Commemorative Flash Mobs
Michael Jackson Fans Gather in SF to Dance the Night Away
The world is still reeling from the news of Michael Jackson's death, but San Francisco fans commemorated the Gloved One's passing in a way that would make him proud: They gathered for an impromptu dance… MORE
play_circle_filled College Flash Raves
College Flash Raves
College Of Charleston Students Relieve Exam Stress En Masse
The best way to relieve the stress of studying for exams is to organize a massive flash mob rave party at your college and get everyone to go crazy. It relieves the stress and perhaps makes graduating… MORE
play_circle_filled Supermodel Flash Mobs
Supermodel Flash Mobs
Gisele Bundchen Helps Launch SKY High Definition
This flash mob with Gisele Bundchen for SKY High Definition is probably the best I’ve seen. It features the supermodel sitting on a red couch flipping channels just as she might if she were at home. Each… MORE
Clone Flash Mobs
Clone Flash Mobs
The Melbourne Fringe Festival Features 'Take Off Your Skin'
Featuring 90 clones running through the streets of Melbourne, Australia, the live art piece ‘Take Off Your Skin’ by Katie Harmsworth caused a stir at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  Not a stranger to… MORE
play_circle_filled Karaoke Flash Mobs
Karaoke Flash Mobs
T-Mobile Gathers 13,000 to Sing in London
About a week ago, T-Mobile invited people to come to Trafalgar Square in London without revealing their plans. On Saturday, May 2nd, the company released some videos filmed on April 30th for their new… MORE

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Carefully-Choreographed Editorials
Carefully-Choreographed Editorials
NYT Style's 'Danceteria' Showcases Fashion & Live Arts
Human Synths
Human Synths
The Humanthesizer by Calvin Harris Turns Bare Body Paint into Sexy Live Arts
Continent-Specific Swimsuits
Continent-Specific Swimsuits
Reinvented Designer Swimwear in 'Water Baby' for Vogue Australia
150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change
Plaster Body Painting
Plaster Body Painting
Jasper Huang's 'Congeal' is a Blend of Painted & Live Art
Roommate Testimonial Ads
Roommate Testimonial Ads
The Nova Drive Show in Australia Gets Laughs and Giggles
Fairytale-Inspired Jewellery
Fairytale-Inspired Jewellery
Reinventing Alice in Wonderland Through Accessories
Excessively Long Tables
Excessively Long Tables
RUHR2010 Festival is Host to Epic Dining Table
play_circle_filled Ceremonial Guerrilla Dance
Ceremonial Guerrilla Dance
Flash Mob Michael Jackson Tributes in Stockholm, Sweden
Fairytale Home Decor
Fairytale Home Decor
Alice in Wonderland Singing Flowers, Painted Roses & 'Drink Me' Bottles
play_circle_filled Virtual Festivals
Virtual Festivals
Gaymers Gather for 'Proudmoore Pride 2009' on World of Warcraft
25 Ways the King of Pop Rocked Pop Culture
25 Ways the King of Pop Rocked Pop Culture
Michael Jackson Dies, But His Influence Lives On
play_circle_filled Streetside Serenades
Streetside Serenades
The Sing London Festival Lets Passersby Make Music
Impromptu 90s Traffic Dances
Impromptu 90s Traffic Dances
The Hammer Pants Flash Mob Strikes Santa Monica Blvd
Hammer Pants Flash Mobs
Hammer Pants Flash Mobs
LA Store is Rushed by Dancers in Golden Pants
Storybook Jewelry
Storybook Jewelry
Alidra Alic's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' Gets Dreamy
Modern Nightlife Paintings
Modern Nightlife Paintings
The Artistic Wonders of Mosh Pits Captured By Dan Witz
38 Alice in Wonderland Fantasies For Adults
38 Alice in Wonderland Fantasies For Adults
play_circle_filled Super-Choreographed Flash Mobs
Super-Choreographed Flash Mobs
VTM and LDV United Bring 'The Sound of Music' to Belgium
Candy Floss Fantasies
Candy Floss Fantasies
MAC and Hello Kitty Channel Alice in Wonderland
Self-Help Stress Relief
Self-Help Stress Relief
Foam Healing Hands Massage Away Tension
play_circle_filled Guerrilla Flash Mob Campaigns
Guerrilla Flash Mob Campaigns
Synchronized Dancing at London Liverpool Street for T-Mobile
play_circle_filled Live Art Community Celebrations
Live Art Community Celebrations
Burning Texan Clock Tower for New Year's Eve
Fairytale-Inspired Jewelry
Fairytale-Inspired Jewelry
Alice in Wonderland Pocketwatch Locket
play_circle_filled Human Mirrors on Subways
Human Mirrors on Subways
Improv Everywhere Puts 16 Twins on Subway
play_circle_filled Freezing at Taco Bell
Freezing at Taco Bell
Improv Everywhere as Advertisers At Store Opening
play_circle_filled 700 Simultaneous Camera Flashes
700 Simultaneous Camera Flashes
Improv Everywhere Celebrates Brooklyn Bridge
Guerrilla Musical Theater 2
Guerrilla Musical Theater 2
Flash Mob for
Home Cell Phone Boosters
Home Cell Phone Boosters
Verizon Femtocells
play_circle_filled Musical at a Mall
Musical at a Mall
Thes Latest From Improv Everywhere
play_circle_filled Time Standing Still
Time Standing Still
Frozen Grand Central by Improv Everywhere
Verizon Voyager Threatens iPhone
Verizon Voyager Threatens iPhone
New Phones Leaked
New Phones Leaked
Verizon Voyager, Juke, Pearl, Venus
Global Learning From Verizon
Global Learning From Verizon
Teachers Lecture From Mt. Everest