- Sep 9, 2009
References: exploitingchaos
Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher were part of an epic high five battle that saw 75 Ashtons and Kanyes "Exploit Chaos" in Toronto's Dundas Square. The "Kanye vs Ashton" high fiving feud was apparently fueled by a tiff related to Kanye's glasses and Ashton's trucker hat.

Like many flash mob epic high five battles, the first round led the two mobs to a tie game... Now, Kanye and Ashton need YOU to go to ExploitingChaos.com to decide the final round. Who would you high five? Kanye or Ashton?

Behind the Kanye vs Ashton Scenes
When Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, called Jeremy Gutsche's EXPLOITING CHAOS "rebellious and seductive", we knew this was a different sort of book. Accordingly, we took our $5,000 launch party budget and did something remarkably unique. Behold and enjoy!