Teachers Lecture From Mt. Everest

 - Apr 3, 2007
References: drtimwarren & prnewswire
Remember the excitement in elementary school when your teacher announced he would be away for a few days? You and your classmates exchanged knowing grins in anticipation of slack classes with a sub who would no doubt be terrorized by the class trouble-makers.

Future generations may not get to experience this same job; teachers may never have to fully leave the classroom again. It appears that teacher-absenteeism may take on a new form thanks to new technologies from Verizon. The company's FiOS TV is making it possible for a Warwick, R.I. chiropractor to broadcast a social studies lesson from Mt. Everest tomorrow.

On Tuesday, April 3, Dr. Tim Warren will pause on his accent to use Verizon's technologies to give a brief 15 minute lesson to elementary school students across the country. Students from Warwick's Park Elementary School will be able to interact with him through the system. The question and answer session will be broadcast live online.

They estimate 400 students across the U.S. to tune in for the innovative lecture as Warren makes his second climb in two years up Everest. He will use the opportunity to explain Verizon's FiOS technology before talking about his experiences including base camp activities and details of the climb itself.

He used last year's climb to raise funds for A Wish Come True, an organization for children with life-threatening illnesses, and was backed by Verizon and Telecom Pioneers of America. This year's Mount Everest Klimb For Kids is supported by Verizon Telecomm Pioneers.

In addition to the webcast, Warren will be blogging on his site, www.drtimwarren.com and replying to student e-mails using Verizon's internet technologies.

I wonder if it will cut into paid vacation time if teachers take their students with them virtually.