Verizon Network Heads to the Slopes to Flash Mob a Snowboarder

 - Feb 7, 2009
References: youtube
Many of us have seen the ubiquitous Verizon Wireless commercials that show Paul Marcarelli as a Test Man walking around with the Verizon network entourage in tow. This flash mob guerrilla ad places Marcarelli and the Verizon network at the slopes, where they follow an unwittingly hilarious snowboarder on his cell phone.

At first, the snowboarder is baffled, but his emotions quickly shift to glee once he recognizes the Test Man and the Verizon network. He continues on his phone call in utter disbelief as his entourage follows his every step.

A high point in the brief clip occurs when the snowboarder trips and falls down while he's still on the phone. The Verizon flash mob stops in their tracks, and as the snowboarder gets up he turns to Marcarelli and asks, "Did you see that gnarly spill I just took?"

After the snowboarder boards a ski lift, the Verizon network disperses just as quickly as they organized.