- Nov 14, 2012
The People Magazine Channing Tatum cover has dubbed the actor the sexiest man of 2012. After showing off his sensual dance moves and hot bod in Magic Mike, is it really that surprising that the heart throb received this title? Anyone who is a Channing Tatum fan is aware that the actor knows how to bring down the house with rhythm and hip hop style.

He appeared in the first and second Step Up movie playing a delinquent with a love for dance and a knack for trouble. To celebrate the drool-worthy actor's success, this compilation of flash mob dance videos show off some of the moves that Tatum himself might have tried in his day. There is everything from Michael Jackson thriller tributes to surprise marriage proposals, all in honor of the tantalizing People Magazine Channing Tatum cover page.

Dances Celebrating the People Magazine Channing Tatum (aka Magic Mike) Cover: