Dancers in Flight: Runaway Fly Mob Takes to the Sky

 - Aug 19, 2012
References: youtube & popdust
The Dancers in Flight: Runaway Fly Mob is a flash mob of epic proportions.

On a public flight during Kanye West’s Australian tour, several of his dancers decided to spice up the trip with a Runaway dance recital. The dancers stretched, twirled and sashayed down the aisles as most passengers looked on in wonder, some in fear that their movements might somehow disturb the course of the plane, and others just wanted to get back to their seat before the seatbelt sign came on. The piece was elegantly performed and passionately executed. The only minor fault was that Kanye was not on the plane to sing to passengers. Nevertheless, it deserved the gracious round of applause that it received at the end of the performance.

The best flash mobs take place in the air because people have no choice but to stay until the end, and this Dancers in Flight: Runaway Fly Mob edition is no different.