- Mar 29, 2009
Alice in Wonderland was released by Disney in 1951, yet it continues to capture the hearts, and fantasy-loving minds of children and adults alike in modern day. In fact, there has been a surge in Alice in Wonderland inspired innovations in the last months, including fashion editorials inspired by scenes from Walt Disney's 13th animation film.

Annie Leibovitz was the first to create the Alice in Wonderland fantasy back in 2003; this gallery shows some images she shot for Vogue.

Could this be because we want to lose ourselves in the freedom and timelessness of fantasy like Alice does? Do we want to check out of our serious lifestyles where economic woes and a media focused on depressive woes invades our every day? The slide show illustrates a few ways in which Alice in Wonderland-style fashion, design and artwork are adding a cheerier splash to our lives today.

38 Alice In Wonderland Fantasies For Adults: