From Heavy-Duty Camping Coolers to De-Alcoholized Wines

 - Apr 28, 2018
The top April 2018 drinking ideas include a number of innovative products, such as ultra-caffeinated coffee pods, barrel-aged cold brews and wines that come from "nomadic" wineries that do not actually have vineyard lands of their own—Nomadica operates on this model and creates a vibrant range of products in collaboration with many different winemakers, effectively creating limited-edition varietals that are sought-after.

Some of the most noteworthy new product releases include Yorkshire Tea's 'Biscuit Brew' tea, Ocean Blu Vodka Soda, which supports marine conservation, and Monster Energy's artisanal Caffe Monster and Espresso Monster beverages in cafe-style packaging.

The alcohol industry is currently being disrupted by a number of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic products. In particular, no-alcohol cannabis-infused soda, water, wine and beer-style beverages are challenging traditional alcohol products in the nightlife scene.