The Aqua Shard Line of Cocktails Features Flavors Inspired by the 1920s

 - Mar 11, 2018
References: the-shard & thedrinksbusiness
London bar and restaurant Aqua Shard has recently added a range of bottled cocktails inspired by the Great Gatsby era. The four new pre-packaged cocktails are made, bottled and sealed-on-site, and all contain quintessential British flavors. Each cocktail contains both tea and gin, and is served from mini Champagne-styled bottles into glasses with a hand-stamped block of ice. The bar team at Aqua Shard recommends the drinks as a start to the meal, or enjoyed alone when visiting the bar.

The Apple and Cedro cocktail utilizes Tanqueray Ten gin with apple juice, anise tea and cedro lemons. The Manuka & Sauvignon Blanc brings together Cornish Manuka tea syrup with muscovado sugar, lemon zest, Tanqueray Ten gin and Sauvignon Blanc. The Mint & Chocolate, inspired by After Eights, is a unique concoction of gin, cacao nibs, peppermint tea and cacao bitters. Finally, the Madarin & Lapsang features smokey Lapsang tea, sweet madarin juice, Tanqueray Ten gin and sparkling wine.