Norbec Designed 'HJ Hansen Vin' With Rich, Sumptuous Displays

 - Mar 12, 2018
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Wine's history dates back millennia, and the display design for the flagship HJ Hansen Vin location in Copenhagen aims to illicit some of that era-spanning allure. The store's displays feature ample use of rich, raw materials like oak, brass, and marble to create a shopping experience as tasteful as the wines that the retailer offers.

The key motif throughout HJ Hansen Vin is oak, which reflects both the oak casks that are often used to age wine as well as the crates in which fine wines are shipped. The Champagne section also includes marble counter tops to reflect the prestige of that style of sparkling white wine. Finally, the displays make use of brass to fall in line with the industrial look that is in vogue in the design world at large.

Image Credit: Norbec