City of London Distillery Redid Its Look to Celebrate a Milestone

City of London Distillery is celebrating its fifth anniversary with redesigned labels and a new bespoke gin made with cubeb. The new labels were unveiled at a celebratory event and feature a larger logo with a new gold crest on the bottle's neck. The new packaging is meant to take on a more modernized look and will also allow the distillery to better present its product as a premium offering. The bottles also feature stronger color branding, enhanced craft messaging and additional illustrations that depict the backstory of each expression.

The unveiling exhibition features a speech from the Lord Mayor of London, who was later gifted an exclusive bottle of City of London Distillery gin. The limited-edition gin, one of just 330 made by the distillery, was produced using cubeb pepper, an early aphrodisiac. This unique expression was delivered as a gift because of the Lord Mayor's continued support of the brand and his sentiments made that it was preserving the city's spirit history.