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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,267 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 313,329 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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Sentimental Fatherhood

Men are taking a more active role in child-rearing

Implications - As the conversation on gender equality continues, men are willingly stepping into domestic child care roles. Masculinity has come to be redefined by fatherhood, with less importance placed on providing financially, and a greater emphasis placed on providing care. This lends to a new form of masculinity -- even outside of fatherhood -- based in nurturing and expressing.
Trend Themes
1. Redefined Masculinity - With men taking on a more active role in child care, there is a new form of masculinity emerging outside of fatherhood.
2. Diverse Representation - Brands that showcase diverse representations of fathers can drive messages of inclusivity and connect with positive emotions.
3. Sentimental Marketing - Heartwarming campaigns that focus on fatherhood can create emotional connections and make a lasting impact on consumers.
Industry Implications
1. Advertising - By showcasing diverse representations of fathers and focusing on sentimental marketing, ad professionals can create impactful campaigns.
2. Retail - In-store campaigns like Tesco's Tannoy Takeover can drive sales and create memorable experiences for shoppers.
3. Education - Hairstyling classes like the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory provide an opportunity for education and can meet the needs of a growing customer segment.
6 Featured, 46 Examples:
78,846 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 15 — Jun 17

Featured Examples

play_circle_filledFatherhood Vows Campaigns
Fatherhood Vows Campaigns
The Emotional 'When I'm A Dad' Campaign Highlights Fatherhood
Created by UK-based advertising graduate Tom Watkins, the ‘When I’m A Dad’ campaign is an emotional and personal response to a New Blood 2015 brief for WeTransfer. The brief that... MORE
play_circle_filledMessy Father's Day Ads
Messy Father's Day Ads
Interflora's New Ad Looks at Father’s Day Through the Eyes of a Messy Son
With Father’s Day just around the corner, Interflora has debuted a new ad that tells the tale of one very messy son and his love for his dad. The ad begins by following a messy son as he... MORE
Father Hairstyling Classes
Father Hairstyling Classes
The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory Teaches Men How to Style Girl's Hair
The world is ever-changing and one of the biggest differences is the shift in men’s roles, a core of which is addressed through the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. Although many of the practices... MORE
Nostalgic Divorcé Series
Nostalgic Divorcé Series
'Divorced Dad' is a Series That is Humorously Styled Like Cable Access TV
Despite the fact that it is styled like an old cable access television show from many decades ago, ‘Divorced Dad’ is actually an all-new series from Astron-6. Astron-6 describes that... MORE
play_circle_filledInclusive Father's Day Campaigns
Inclusive Father's Day Campaigns
This Dove Men+Care Ad Features Caring Fathers of All Kinds
To celebrate the fathers who are heroes to their families, Dove Men+Care launched a campaign that highlights a diverse range of fathers, as well as what their actions mean to their children. At... MORE
play_circle_filledHeartwarming Loudspeaker Campaigns
Heartwarming Loudspeaker Campaigns
Tesco is Helping Shoppers Spread Father's Day Messages In-Store
This year, Tesco is helping consumers to share special Father’s Day messages with their loved ones thanks to a campaign called ‘Tannoy Takeover.’ To partake in Tesco’s... MORE

Related Examples

Edible Greeting Cards
Edible Greeting Cards
Moonpig Created Meat-Flavored Cards for Father's Day
play_circle_filledCourageous Father's Day Ads
Courageous Father's Day Ads
The 'Sick Kids Dad Strong' Ad Honors the Strength of Fathers
play_circle_filledCaring Mentor-Celebrating Ads
Caring Mentor-Celebrating Ads
This New Dove Men+Care Ad Honors the Men "Who Were There to Care"
Playlist-Connected Greeting Cards
Playlist-Connected Greeting Cards
These Hallmark Father's Day Greeting Cards Link to Spotify
VR Father's Day Cards
VR Father's Day Cards
Hallmark's Father's Day Greeting Cards Include 360-Degree Videos
Suggestive Adult Greeting Cards
Suggestive Adult Greeting Cards
RedTube's Adult Greeting Cards Help You Celebrate Any Occasion
Pet-Matching Hawaiian Shirts
Pet-Matching Hawaiian Shirts
These Hawaiian Tops Can Be Worn with Matching Shirts for Dogs
Customizable Sundae Kits
Customizable Sundae Kits
For Father's Day, Jeni's is Launching a Build Your Own Sundae Collection
Candy Bar-Packed Ice Creams
Candy Bar-Packed Ice Creams
The Baskin-Robbins Made with TWIX Bars Ice Cream is Limited-Edition
play_circle_filledMonstrous Father's Day Burgers
Monstrous Father's Day Burgers
'The Almighty' Burger is a Meaty Father's Day Treat for Hungry Dads
Personalized Whisky Labels
Personalized Whisky Labels
The Glenlivet Scotch is Offering Personalized Labels for Father's Day
Chain Store Beauty Subscriptions
Chain Store Beauty Subscriptions
The Target Beauty Box Curates a Variety of Items From the Store
Curated Father's Day Giftboxes
Curated Father's Day Giftboxes
Giftagram's 'American Legends' Box was Curated by Channing Tatum
Whale-Inspired Knives
Whale-Inspired Knives
The KAI Pure Sensai 3 Would Make a Great Father's Day Gift
play_circle_filledDeceptive Father's Day Campaigns
Deceptive Father's Day Campaigns
Gillette's 'Go Ask Dad' Ad Celebrates the Father-Son Relationship
Fatherly Bath Bombs
Fatherly Bath Bombs
Lush Cosmetics' Father's Day Collection Introduces Care Products for Dad
Father's Day Racing Deals
Father's Day Racing Deals
The Allen Berg Racing School Lets Dads Hit the Track in F1 Cars
Free Fatherly Meal Promotions
Free Fatherly Meal Promotions
Dads Ate Free as Part of the Roy Rogers Father's Day Promotion
Masculine Father's Day Candles
Masculine Father's Day Candles
The AROMALAB Cedar Woodwick Candle is Blended with Men in Mind
play_circle_filledBoozy Father's Day Cruises
Boozy Father's Day Cruises
This Father's Day Cruise Treats Dads to Beer and Live Jazz
play_circle_filledComical Salesperson Webseries
Comical Salesperson Webseries
Comedy Central's 'Used People' Webseries is Set in a Used Car Lot
play_circle_filledSatirical Feminist Series
Satirical Feminist Series
'Tough Sh*t' is an All-New YouTube Webseries from Pop Trigger
play_circle_filledHumorous Menstruation Webisodes
Humorous Menstruation Webisodes
'Period Piece' Explores the Evolution of Menstruation Over Time
play_circle_filledComedic Yoga Webseries
Comedic Yoga Webseries
'Namaste, Bitches' Pokes Fun at LA's "Spiritually Unpure" Yoga Culture
Space Travel Webseries
Space Travel Webseries
JJ Abrams' Latest Project Follows the Scientists Behind Space Travel
play_circle_filledStylish Survival Webseries
Stylish Survival Webseries
The 'End Times Girls Club' Offers Tips for Keeping Cute Post-Apocalypse
play_circle_filledReality Retirement Webisodes
Reality Retirement Webisodes
RBC's 'Retirement Designers' Helps Boomers Plan Their Post-Work Life
play_circle_filledEquality-Focused Soup Ads
Equality-Focused Soup Ads
This #RealRealLife Ad Promotes Campbell's Gay Parents & Star Wars
play_circle_filledEmotional Beard-Shaving Ads
Emotional Beard-Shaving Ads
This M6 Razor Ad Shows a Man Shaving His Beard After 14 Years
play_circle_filledPassionate Fatherhood Ads
Passionate Fatherhood Ads
This Facebook Stories Submission Highlights Life as a Black Father
play_circle_filledNew Dad Ads
New Dad Ads
Dove's Men+Care Commercial Captures Reactions to News of Becoming a Father
play_circle_filledPatriotic Battery Ads
Patriotic Battery Ads
Duracell's 4th of July Commercial Celebrates a Real Father-Daughter Story
play_circle_filledFamily-Targeted Car Ads
Family-Targeted Car Ads
This Father's Day Car Ad Tells the Same Story From Dad & Daughter's View
Dad-Celebrating Coupons
Dad-Celebrating Coupons
Samsung UK Helps Twitter User Sent Out Comical Father's Day Wishes
Dad Appreciation Anthems
Dad Appreciation Anthems
Taye Diggs Celebrates Dads in this Humorous Father's Day Rap Video
play_circle_filledNostalgic Car Campaigns
Nostalgic Car Campaigns
This Heartwarming Subaru Ad Encourages 'Making Memories' with Loved Ones
Father’s Day Breakfast Ads
Father’s Day Breakfast Ads
Give Dad a Perfect Breakfast in Bed with a ‘Johnsonville’ Sausage
play_circle_filledDadvertising Campaigns
Dadvertising Campaigns
Laura McQuarrie Discusses All of Her Favorite Dad Ad Picks for Father's Day
Endearing Father-Daughter Photos
Endearing Father-Daughter Photos
These Images Capture a Newborn and Her Dad in Humorous Poses
Fashionable Fatherhood Photography
Fashionable Fatherhood Photography
Gracias Papa is a Father's Day Editorial by Dean Isidro
Child-Inspired Home Pranks
Child-Inspired Home Pranks
The Nissan With Dad Campaign Focuses on Making Family a Priority
play_circle_filledWrestling Dad Ads
Wrestling Dad Ads
This Ad Features WWE Star Roman Reigns Encouraging Fatherhood Involvement
Father-Daughter Rap Videos
Father-Daughter Rap Videos
The Kanye West Only One Video is a Sentimental Clip with Daughter North
play_circle_filledSnow Sports Webisodes
Snow Sports Webisodes
Sport Chek's First Tracks Series Appeals to Skiers and Snowboarders
play_circle_filledTo Be a Dad
To Be a Dad
Honor Your Father by Tweeting Photos of Him With #OneBoldChoice During the Big Game
play_circle_filledDating App Parodies
Dating App Parodies
Local Attraction Will Make You Think Twice About Swiping to the Right