This M6 Razor Ad Shows a Man Shaving His Beard After 14 Years

 - Jul 28, 2015
References: adweek
This heartwarming razor ad captures a man shaving his beard for the first time in 14 years. This advertisement is essentially a short documentary that features the man shaving his beard and proceeding to receive emotion-fueled reactions from his family and friends.

The razor ad seeks to promote the M6 blade by creating an emotional connection between the man, his family and his beard. Since it has been 14 years since he shaved, no one in his family recognized him at first. One of the most adorable parts of the video was when the man saw his daughter for the first time. His young daughter still recognizes her father and she instantly kisses his cheek.

After 14 years of growing a dark thick beard, this brave man was able to transform his entire look using an M6 razor.