Local Attraction Will Make You Think Twice About Swiping to the Right

 - May 1, 2014
References: youtube & jezebel
Local Attraction, the first episode of a webseries by Connor Hines, parodies the inherently awkward experience of going on a date with a stranger.

Inspired by Tinder -- which is loosely referred to as a dating app, but is more accurately a hook-up apparatus -- the episode centers around what appears to be the most uncomfortable date in the history of dating. Brooklyn-based blogger Maeve is matched with a handsome-yet-douchey Wall Street guy named Trent (because all Wall Street guys seem to be named Trent) on a dating app titled "Timber." The result is an awkwardly hilarious dating experience you wouldn't wish upon your greatest frenemy.

Trent (who is played by Hines), might make your heart skip a beat -- or your ovaries a-flutter -- upon first glance, but don't worry. The second he opens his mouth, all potential desire goes out the window.