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Publicized Social Experiment

Shocking undercover campaigns and pranks spread on the web

Implications - The public has a strong affinity for watching genuine displays of emotion, which is one of the reasons why so many videos of social experiments go viral on the web. Looking to dive deeper into the human condition, consumers find this form of entertainment enchanting because of its unabashed honesty.
6 Featured, 44 Examples:
686,569 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 12 — Mar 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Public Snoozing Photography
Public Snoozing Photography
The John Clang Beon Sleeps Project Tells People to Relax
Part street performance, part social experiment and part photography series, the John Clang Beon Sleeps project is an unusual way to send a message to the public. The people in Singapore, as in... MORE
play_circle_filled Walk-In Homicide Pranks
Walk-In Homicide Pranks
See How People React to This Elevator Murder Social Experiment Campaign
A viral advertisement campaign for the movie Dead Man Down, the Elevator Murder Experiment video is a social experiment to see what real people’s reactions would be to witnessing a murder in action.... MORE
play_circle_filled Horrendously Uncomfortable Pranks
Horrendously Uncomfortable Pranks
The 'Awkward Mistletoe' Joke Takes Street Kissing Too Far
The ‘Awkward Mistletoe’ prank by LAHWF takes awkward questions on the street perhaps a little far. The hilarious holiday joke has two girls and one guy going up to complete strangers,... MORE
play_circle_filled Fake Celeb Photo-Ops
Fake Celeb Photo-Ops
Pretend Celebrity Brett Cohen Plays Pranks in Times Square
Have you heard of pretend celebrity Brett Cohen? Wanting to walk a day in the shoes of the rich and famous, Brett Cohen hired body guards, assistants and photographers to walk around with him in... MORE
play_circle_filled Supermarket Social Experiments
Supermarket Social Experiments
Shoppers Get Asked Odd Questions in This Supermarket Prank Video
From the guys at Mediocre Films comes this hilarious supermarket prank video. It seems like Greg Benson can’t get enough of pranking people in public places. First he came up with a prank... MORE
play_circle_filled Performance Self-Art Pranks
Performance Self-Art Pranks
The Gallery Hijak Video Teaches You How to Become Art
Two pranksters named Doug and Mikael decide to take the art world by the balls and demonstrate how to become art in their Gallery Hijack video. They went to two galleries to test their social... MORE

Related Examples

play_circle_filled Fake Secret Society Pranks
Fake Secret Society Pranks
One of the Best Ways to Freak Out Pizza Delivery Guys
play_circle_filled Pressure-Filled Deodorant Pranks
Pressure-Filled Deodorant Pranks
This Nivea Commercial Covers an Elaborate Airport Prank
play_circle_filled Dramatic Surprise Prank Ads
Dramatic Surprise Prank Ads
The New Dutch TNT Commerical Will Wreck Your Nerves
play_circle_filled Scavenger Hunt Publicity Stunts
Scavenger Hunt Publicity Stunts
Patrons Search for Hidden Money in MK Art Gallery
play_circle_filled Multicultural Panhandler Pranks
Multicultural Panhandler Pranks
An Urban Improv Troupe Invades an NYC Subway with High Demands
Sexuality-Celebrating Social Enterprises
Sexuality-Celebrating Social Enterprises
'Coffee, Cake & Kink' Fosters Community and Conversation
play_circle_filled Ghostly Drive-Thru Pranks
Ghostly Drive-Thru Pranks
The Invisible Drive-Thru Prank Stuns Unsuspecting Fast Food Employees
play_circle_filled Hilarious Holiday Pranks
Hilarious Holiday Pranks
Jaime Neely Discusses Her Top 5 Picks for Festive Fooling
10 Hilarious Holiday Pranks
10 Hilarious Holiday Pranks
A Good Christmas Prank Often Involves Santa Or a Snowman
30 Presents for Pranksters
30 Presents for Pranksters
These Prank Gift Ideas are Great for Getting Revenge on Goofy Goons
play_circle_filled Slimy Sneeze Pranks
Slimy Sneeze Pranks
The Pranker Uses a Misty Spray to Fake Huge Sneezes
play_circle_filled Terrifying T-Rex Attack Pranks
Terrifying T-Rex Attack Pranks
This Roaring Dinosaur Scares Pedestrians on the Street
play_circle_filled Upsetting Child Holiday Pranks
Upsetting Child Holiday Pranks
Olivia Gissing Unveils the Results of Terrible Christmas Gifts
Exploding Pregnancy Photography
Exploding Pregnancy Photography
Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis Explain Birth Through Humor
play_circle_filled Holiday Machinery Jingles
Holiday Machinery Jingles
Alphabet Photography Bangs Out Workplace Christmas Carols Using Machines
Malicious Mummy Pranks
Malicious Mummy Pranks
This Corpse Elevator Prank From Brazil Leaves People Screaming For Help
Wheel Mounted Photography
Wheel Mounted Photography
NYC by Bike Photo Series Captures the City at Wheel Level
Fake Fashion Pose Pictures
Fake Fashion Pose Pictures
Photographer Yolanda Dominguez Pokes Fun at Unrealistic Fashion Poses
Positive-Print Panties Pranks
Positive-Print Panties Pranks
PINK Loves Consent Anti-Rape Panties Evoke a Powerful Message
play_circle_filled Musical Beer Pranks
Musical Beer Pranks
The Red Stripe Prank is a Cleverly Executed Publicity Stunt
Bubbly Underwater Ads
Bubbly Underwater Ads
The Schweppes Campaign Features Artistic Grayscale Photography
Holiday Gift-Packaging Pranks
Holiday Gift-Packaging Pranks
Prankpack Injects Some Humor To The Holidays With Fake Gift Boxes
Personified Tree Decor
Personified Tree Decor
Add Life to Your Decorations with the Christmas Tree Googly Eyes
Calcium Color-Swirl Photography
Calcium Color-Swirl Photography
The Alexa Meade Milk Art is a Captivating Technique Experiment
play_circle_filled Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
ImprovEverwhere Executes a Black Friday Prank That Redefines Deals
play_circle_filled Terrifying Ghost Pranks
Terrifying Ghost Pranks
Brazilian TV Show Freaks Out Elevator Riders with Creepy Screaming Child
Morbid Mouth-Full Photography
Morbid Mouth-Full Photography
Jessica Tremp Over Unto Silence Puts a Twist on Still-Life Imagery
Urban Recycling Photography
Urban Recycling Photography
Creative Dismantling by Espai Mgr Showcases Inventive Reconstructions
Cheeky Flatulent Ornaments
Cheeky Flatulent Ornaments
Farting Butt Ornaments are Great for Anti-Holiday Pranksters
Illuminating Tuques
Illuminating Tuques
The Glow-in-the-Dark Hat is Great for Dancers and Party Pranks
play_circle_filled Conversation Hijacking Pranks
Conversation Hijacking Pranks
Medicore Films Confuses Callers with This Cell Phone Prank
Costumed Central Park Pranks
Costumed Central Park Pranks
Ed Bassmaster Scares Strangers in New York Dressed as Bush Man
Floor Destroying Mannequins
Floor Destroying Mannequins
Attaboys by Gregor Gaida is a Mischievous and Troublesome Series
Augmented Reality Pranks
Augmented Reality Pranks
The 'Walls to the People' Smartphone App Shows Graffitied Landmarks
play_circle_filled Petition to Petition Pranks
Petition to Petition Pranks
Scott Rogowsky Asks People to Sign Up to Stop What He's Doing
play_circle_filled Hilarious Hand-Holding Pranks
Hilarious Hand-Holding Pranks
The ‘Holding People’s Hand’ Video is Fantastically
Pregnancy Prank Urinals
Pregnancy Prank Urinals
Baby Stories Promotion Uses Fake Conception Confirmations
play_circle_filled Rainbow Keynote Pranks
Rainbow Keynote Pranks
'Spinning Beach Ball of Death' by Improv Everywhere Surprises Audience
play_circle_filled Photo Gallery Dioramas
Photo Gallery Dioramas
David Anthony Hall Creates a Mini Space to Reflect Large-Scale Landscapes
play_circle_filled Silly Speed Trap Pranks
Silly Speed Trap Pranks
The Rémi Gaillard Radar Gag Gets Him in Trouble as Usual
Dino-Hiding Wedding Pranks
Dino-Hiding Wedding Pranks
Save the Date is a Card That You Want on Your Fridge
play_circle_filled Horrible Holiday Pranks
Horrible Holiday Pranks
'I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present' Part 2 Has Parents Ruining Christmas
play_circle_filled Crude Christmas Pranks
Crude Christmas Pranks
‘I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present' Channels Parents' Inn
Deceivingly Dead Artists
Deceivingly Dead Artists
He Xiangyu Creates a Shocking Life-Like Sculpture of Ai Weiwei