Medicore Films Confuses Callers with This Cell Phone Prank

 - Nov 12, 2012
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In Mediocre Films newest prank video, it serves up volume two of its cell phone prank series, which sees Greg Benson hijack nearby calls by implicating himself into them.

As non-assuming callers wander aimlessly around a soccer field making plans and catching up with friends over the phone, Greg follows nearby, eavesdropping. When the unsuspecting cell users ask a question on their phone, Greg quickly gives his own answer while pretending to be on a separate call all together on his phone. Confused and sometimes frustrated, the callers move around trying to avoid Greg. One caller even stops and asks him if he’s going to the same soccer game as him and hilarity ensues.

Greg Benson is one of the minds behind Mediocre Films, which orchestrates simple, yet hilarious pranks. This video went viral November 6th and already has over 350,000 views and over 3,300 likes on YouTube.