This Roaring Dinosaur Scares Pedestrians on the Street

 - Dec 12, 2012
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With every victim of this dinosaur prank, there is a split second when they suspend all rational thinking and actually believe dinosaurs have come back in some sort of Jurassic Park version of our world.

The dinosaur prank is a product of the Roman Atwood YouTube channel and features a giant T-Rex hiding behind bushes and in parking lots preparing to scare unsuspecting victims.

In the beginning of the dinosaur prank, the T-Rex is hidden behind a row of cars before he jumps out at a group of people walking down the street. The people jump back and some even raise their fists as if punching a dinosaur would actually save them. However, this is one prank that is short lived because most victims realize very quickly how ridiculous they look and snap out of it.