Brazilian TV Show Freaks Out Elevator Riders with Creepy Screaming Child

 - Nov 27, 2012
You're in for a great laugh with this elevator prank from Brazil. Half a dozen unknowing elevator riders, one by one, are terrified by a small child reminiscent of the main character from iconic horror movie The Ring.

A hidden camera inside an elevator watches as innocent people step into the elevator for a short ride and the lights start flickering. While at first they aren't too bothered by the power outage, they all hit the roof when the lights come back on and the creepy little girl is standing in the elevator with them.

One woman doesn't scream immediately, but instead looks at the child in amazement. However, hilarity ensues when the child screams at the top of her lungs! The woman responds the same way and curls up in the corner. At this moment in every prank sequence, the lights go off again and the child exits through a trap door in the back of the elevator.