Attaboys by Gregor Gaida is a Mischievous and Troublesome Series

 - Jul 23, 2012
References: & thisiscolossal
Attaboys by Gregor Gaida is a series of figurative sculptures that have been implemented in art galleries. These aluminium mannequins are shown destroying the floors of the galleries, and engaging in some troublesome behavior.

The characters are frozen in positions that show them splitting the ground with chisels and the pieces of broken tiles are strewn across the floor. The characters' bodies and clothes are painted metallic silver, and their hooded sweaters conceal their faces.

Back in 2008, Gaida created a series of sculptures called 'Kind und Kreide II,' which showed two boys drawing chalk lines. Gregor Gaida explains that he is inspired from images in magazines and books. Gregor Gaida is a Germany-based artist, and this series is currently on display at the PARROTTA Contemporary Art gallery in Stuttgart, Germany.