Farting Butt Ornaments are Great for Anti-Holiday Pranksters

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: geekalerts
No one says Christmas has to be the most serious time of year, so why not lighten things up with a few prankster farting butt ornaments?

Yes, that's right. Santa and Rudolph have to do it too. While it may not be the most pleasant odor, it's nothing a few scented candles can't handle. For the lovely anti-holiday individuals or even fun-loving people in general, these farting butt ornaments are great for secretly embarrassing someone near the Christmas tree. Masked as regular plush ornaments, Santa and Rudolph expose their bottoms, which can then be squeezed to exert a very flush-inducing, but stink-free, fart.

It's still early to practice the 'absolutely clueless' look so people don't think it's you when someone lets one rip this Christmas.