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E-Ink Revival

Electronic ink gets a makeover with modern tech products

Implications - Developed in the late 90s, E-Ink technology is quickly making its way back into the modern tech scene. Re-introduced into the industry via eReaders, electronic ink can now be seen in everything from phone cases to keyboards. This is due to its ease of implementation, which makes it a simple way for consumers to customize their gadgets while lending a nod to the simpler days of tech.
5 Featured, 33 Examples:
281,698 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 12 — Feb 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Innovative Multitasking Keyboards
Innovative Multitasking Keyboards
The E-Inkey Has Transforming Keys to Accommodate Different Tasks
Graphic designers and illustrators will love the freedom that the E-inkey Keyboard affords. This is a concept computer peripheral that changes its look and function in order to help you accomplish a... MORE
Dual Screen Phones
Dual Screen Phones
YotaPhone Dual Screen Smartphones Will Have a Second Reversible Screen
Russian cell phone company Yota Devices will be introducing new YotaPhone dual screen smartphones featuring a color and black and white side. The YotaPhone dual screen smartphones will be released... MORE
Lightweight Electronic Ink Timepieces
Lightweight Electronic Ink Timepieces
The Minimal Silicone E-Ink Wristwatch is Nearly Weightless
Designer Anthony Puleo's Minimal Silicone E-Ink Wristwatch is a minimalist take on an electronic ink timepiece. Puleo's design is colorful and lightweight, weighing in at a mere 0.63 ounces. The watch… MORE
play_circle_filled E-Ink Smartphone Protectors
E-Ink Smartphone Protectors
The popSLATE Second Screen Smart Case is Decorative and Practical
The popSLATE Second Screen Smart Case is an interactive smartphone protector. Unlike traditional cases that rely on a single static design, this case can be changed on whim. It boasts an e-ink... MORE
Futuristic Ink Tech Tools
Futuristic Ink Tech Tools
The E-Ink Keyboard by Mezentsev and Suhih is Custom Made
The e-ink keyboard by designers Maxim Mezentsev and Aleksander Suhi features an interactive display of letters and numbers. E-ink works much like Kindles do, displaying sets of characters that have... MORE

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Computer LEGO Models
Computer LEGO Models
The Latest Chris McVeigh LEGO Art Work Gets Technological
Extruded Display Keyboards
Extruded Display Keyboards
The Bubble Phone Provides a Tactile Surface for Typing Text Messages
Flip-Out Keyboard Touchpads
Flip-Out Keyboard Touchpads
The Hidden Touch Offers the Laptop Experience with Your Desktop Device
play_circle_filled Tactile Enabling Devices
Tactile Enabling Devices
The Tactus Touchscreen Tablet Renders the Ability to Feel the Keyboard
play_circle_filled Flexible Compact Keyboards
Flexible Compact Keyboards
The Qii Roll-Up Keyboard is Ultra Portable and Full-Featured
Triple-Tasking Electronic Dividers
Triple-Tasking Electronic Dividers
Always with Three Allows Users to Control Apps on Pop-Up Screen
Temperature-Monitoring Memory Sticks
Temperature-Monitoring Memory Sticks
TEMper Thermometer USB Displays Internal Temp While Working
play_circle_filled Avian Social Media Art Projects
Avian Social Media Art Projects
Birds on Twitter Lets Tomtits Tweet
Braille-Infused Phones
Braille-Infused Phones
LG Touch Allows Users to Feel Clothing Material While Shopping Online
Double-Sided Computer Peripherals
Double-Sided Computer Peripherals
The Inside Out Keyboard by Min Koo Yeo is Gesture-Friendly
Distractive Dining Keyboards
Distractive Dining Keyboards
My Soft Office Lets Users Eat and Work Simultaneously
play_circle_filled Cute Computer Mittens
Cute Computer Mittens
The USB Toast Hand Warmers Keep the Chill Away While Typing
Manicure-Safe Keyboards
Manicure-Safe Keyboards
The Qutie Qwerty Quirky Makes it Easier for Divine Long Nails to Type
play_circle_filled Slim Smartphone Charging Covers
Slim Smartphone Charging Covers
The Rivo Case is the World's Thinnest USB Phone Protecting Charger
Shiftable Concept Keypads
Shiftable Concept Keypads
Wan Fu Chun's Puzzle Keyboard Keeps You Be In Charge of Your CPU Keys
Mossy Computer Peripherals
Mossy Computer Peripherals
The Natural Keyboard by Robbie Tilton Reconnects People to Nature
Computer Key Mug Mats
Computer Key Mug Mats
Spillage is Acceptable Only On These Keyboard Coasters
Building Block Laptop Keys
Building Block Laptop Keys
The LEGO Macbook Keyboard Adds Nostalgic Color to Your Life
Wireless Wooden Keyboards
Wireless Wooden Keyboards
The Oree Board is Both Timeless and Cutting-Edge
Waterproof Smart Phone Casings
Waterproof Smart Phone Casings
The 'Outride' by Mophie Turns iPhones into Underwater Cameras
play_circle_filled Intuitive Use Cellphones
Intuitive Use Cellphones
The Nokia Easy Enables the Technologically Challenged to Make Calls
Slope-Slotted Smartphone Stands
Slope-Slotted Smartphone Stands
The Ripple iPhone Stand Simple Manages Cursed Cords
Dual Function Smartphone Holders
Dual Function Smartphone Holders
The Ö Case by Löytö Esineiden Has a Kickstand and
play_circle_filled Durable iPhone Armour
Durable iPhone Armour
The LUNATIK TAKTIK Case Shields Your Precious Device
Race-Worthy Wristwatches
Race-Worthy Wristwatches
The GP Race Watch Tells Time Using a Racetrack
Pyramid Studded Timepieces
Pyramid Studded Timepieces
The Whiz Crotech Chronograph is Gothic and Masculine
Swanky Sentimental Timepieces
Swanky Sentimental Timepieces
The Rolex Milgauss 'I Love You' Edition is an Amorous Accessory
Number Pad Timepieces
Number Pad Timepieces
The Click Keypad Watch Tells Time Using Numbers One Through Nine
Darkened Metallic Watches
Darkened Metallic Watches
The U Boat Classic Puts a Twist on Time
Black Diamond Wristwatches
Black Diamond Wristwatches
The Nixon Diamond Has a Simplistic and Sharp Design
Sporty E-Ink Timepieces
Sporty E-Ink Timepieces
The Phosphor World Time Watch Goes Completely Buttonless
Pretty Wi-Fi Timepieces
Pretty Wi-Fi Timepieces
Seiko's E-ink Bracelet Watch is Stylized for the Future
E-Ink Watches
E-Ink Watches
Seiko Spectrum Watch Puts a Hefty Price Tag on Technology