My Soft Office Lets Users Eat and Work Simultaneously

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: incrediblethings
Many people have pushed aside laptops and keyboards to make space for the gigantic plate of salad or pizza while working, but you may not have to anymore with the My Soft Office keyboard.

Designed by Hella Jongerius, the My Soft Office keyboard is a concept idea that gives multitasking a new meaning. Hella Jongerius implants a plate in the center of the keyboard so users can eat while working without having to shift their desk's items around.

Though this design is an absolutely amazing design, it effectively removes the common excuse of not being able to eat and work simultaneously. Unfortunately, that means that the smell of food, leftover or finished, will be lingering in the air until the keyboard gets cleaned, creating a whole new kind of distraction for the easily wandered minds.