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K-Pop Marketing

The Internet age opens up Korean pop culture & music to the entire world

Implications - Originating in South Korea, K-pop is a musical genre that has exploded onto the North American scene. The k-pop anthem most commonly known worldwide, Gangnam Style, hit airwaves and the subculture has since been adopted into a range of global products, advertising campaigns and inspired fashion retailers.
9 Featured, 52 Examples:
283,455 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 12 — Feb 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Internet Sensation Memory Sticks
Internet Sensation Memory Sticks
The Psy Gangnam Style USB Drive Gets Its Groove On
The maker behind the incredibly viral music video can now be your memory holder when you use the PSY Gangnam Style USB Drive. This USB is essentially a miniature version of PSY in a black suit,... MORE
play_circle_filled Korean Pop House Decorations
Korean Pop House Decorations
A Halloween Light Show Gangnam Style in Leesburg Lights Up the Sky
The viral song that has been sweeping the nation has now been turned into a giant Halloween light show Gangnam Style. A residential community in Leesburg, Virginia has been putting on festive light... MORE
Viral Video Dance Infographics
Viral Video Dance Infographics
The Gangnam Style YouTube Video is the Most Viewed Video Ever
As the wind blows into the hair of a middle aged Korean man, singing hymns of the rich district of in South Korea, the Gangnam Style YouTube video has quickly become the most viewed video of all time.... MORE
Dancing Pistachio Viral Ads
Dancing Pistachio Viral Ads
This Psy Super Bowl Commercial Re-Visits Gangnam Style
A new Psy Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios surfaced last night on CBS during the big game and perpetuated the Gangnam Style craze once more. YouTube’s most watched video of all... MORE
Viral Video Phone Cases
Viral Video Phone Cases
The Gangnam Style iPhone Case Shows Others Your Web-Savvy Ways
It seems that there is no stopping the force that is Gangnam Style, and now they even have Gangnam Style iPhone cases that let you showcase your unhealthy obsession with the Internet sensation Psy.... MORE
Viral Song Shirts
Viral Song Shirts
Break Out in Song and Dance Legitimately Wearing the Gangnam Style Shirt
Psy fans will be ecstatic to deck out in a Gangnam Style shirt, especially with the Korean pop star making his first Canadian appearance this October 30, 2012. For those who haven’t thought... MORE
play_circle_filled Cross-Cultural Celebrity Collaborations
Cross-Cultural Celebrity Collaborations
The Wonder Girls 'Like Money' Song Features Akon
The Wonder Girls ‘Like Money’ song is the latest from the widely popular Korean girl band with a special appearance by a certain Western hip hop mogul—Akon. The video features a... MORE
play_circle_filled Viral Korean Pop Manicures
Viral Korean Pop Manicures
Show off Your Sweet Moves While Wearing Gangnam Style Nail Art
Once you’re familiar with the dance moves from the popular Korean pop song, get your fingernails on the same wavelength with the Gangnam Style Nail Art tutorial. This short video tells shows... MORE
play_circle_filled Viral Celeb Collaborative Remixes
Viral Celeb Collaborative Remixes
This 2012 Year in Review Video Features YouTube’s Biggest
This 2012 year in review video starts by basing the entire video around Psy’s Gangnam Style song, which is now YouTube’s most viewed video of all time. This 2012 year in review video acts as a... MORE

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play_circle_filled Devilishly Tempting Pizza Ads
Devilishly Tempting Pizza Ads
Delissio Pizza Turns Dull Dinners Into Party Nights
play_circle_filled Tax Service Ad Spoofs
Tax Service Ad Spoofs
This Jackson Hewitt Commercial Pokes Fun at Child Tax Benefits
play_circle_filled Unrealistic Animal Race Ads
Unrealistic Animal Race Ads
This Skechers Super Bowl Commercial Pits Man Against Cheetah
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
This Allstate Commercial Points Out That Mayhem is Everywhere
play_circle_filled Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Orange Presents This Ad in Support of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012
Contagious Car Commercials
Contagious Car Commercials
The Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
play_circle_filled Boosted Confidence Car Ads
Boosted Confidence Car Ads
The Audi Super Bowl Commercial Instills Confidence in a High School Kid
play_circle_filled Female-Centric Advertising Satires
Female-Centric Advertising Satires
This Sketchy Video Mocks How Women are Portrayed in Advertising
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
This Super Bowl Commercial Contest has Become a Doritos Tradition
Holiday Spending Statistics
Holiday Spending Statistics
This Infographic Breaks Down How Much We'll be Buying this Christmas
Global File Sharing Stats
Global File Sharing Stats
This Infographic Explores the Highest Number of Downloads Worldwide
South Korean Dance Mashups
South Korean Dance Mashups
Gangnam Style Becomes the Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time
Infographic-Inspired Resumes
Infographic-Inspired Resumes
The Hire Me Infographic Promotes Artistic Talent and Experience
Shocking Obesity Rate Graphs
Shocking Obesity Rate Graphs
The Weight of Obesity Infographic Weighs the Health of Each Country
Attentive Branding Infographics
Attentive Branding Infographics
Business Twitter Accounts Should Feel Genuine and Not Robotic
Virtual Health-Harming Infographics
Virtual Health-Harming Infographics
Excessive Internet Usage Does More than Promote Bad Posture
play_circle_filled Viral Song Light Shows
Viral Song Light Shows
Share the Love for the Holidays with Christmas Lights Gangnam Style
Annual Travel Habits Infographics
Annual Travel Habits Infographics
This Graph Details Reasons for Travelling in 2012
Beauty Expense Infographics
Beauty Expense Infographics
'Cost of Beauty' Graph Follows America's Rising Expenditures
Decapitated Bear Data Sticks
Decapitated Bear Data Sticks
The Teddy Bear USB Keeps All Your Digital Secrets Hidden
play_circle_filled Move-Busting Cyborgs
Move-Busting Cyborgs
The Gangnam Style CHARLI-2 Robot Rocks the Dance Floor
Viral Dance Video Necklaces
Viral Dance Video Necklaces
The Gangnam Style-Inspired Diamond Pendant Will Cost You $59,975
Spooky Skull Memory Sticks
Spooky Skull Memory Sticks
The Skeleton USB Flash Drive is Cadaverously Convenient
Dubiously Designed Flash Drives
Dubiously Designed Flash Drives
Virus Usb Device is Modeled as a Cute but Questionable Character
Viral Cappuccino Art
Viral Cappuccino Art
Pay Homage to Psy with Some Steamy Gangnam-Style Latte Art
play_circle_filled Pop Music Prisoners (UPDATED)
Pop Music Prisoners (UPDATED)
The Inmates Dancing Gangnam Style Sure Can Bust a Move
play_circle_filled STD-Free Parodies
STD-Free Parodies
Open Condom Style Spoof Promotes Safe Sex While Being Hilarious
play_circle_filled Pixelated Viral Song Shorts
Pixelated Viral Song Shorts
Psy Rocks the 2D World in This 8-Bit Gangnam Style Video
play_circle_filled Record-Breaking Dance Videos
Record-Breaking Dance Videos
The Behind-the-Scenes Gangnam Style Short is Hilarious
play_circle_filled Viral Family Dance Duos
Viral Family Dance Duos
The Gangnam Style Mom Video is Hilarious and Well-Executed
play_circle_filled Viral Song Wedding Parodies
Viral Song Wedding Parodies
The Gangnam Style Wedding Video is Hilarious and Fun
Connectable Usb Sticks
Connectable Usb Sticks
The Uniting U Disk Can Link Up with Others to Increase Your Storage Space
Dripping Ceiling Lamps
Dripping Ceiling Lamps
The Light Shower Chandelier by Bruce Munro is Romantic and Artistic
Sci-Fi Storage Devices
Sci-Fi Storage Devices
The Jabba the Hutt Mimobot USB Flash Drive is Geared Towards Geeks
35 Artful Light Installations
35 Artful Light Installations
From Illusionary Reflections to Neon Light Graffiti
Adorable Undead Flash Drives
Adorable Undead Flash Drives
The Zombie USB by Blueshift Nine is Animated
34 Sky-Scraping Light Shows
34 Sky-Scraping Light Shows
From Top Floor Raver Lounges to Shimmering Sacred Sanctuaries
play_circle_filled Animated Anti-Virus Computer Sticks
Animated Anti-Virus Computer Sticks
The 'Jumpshot' USBs Help Fight PC Crime
Fierce Luminous Facades
Fierce Luminous Facades
The Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall Light Show is Stellar
Sleek Storage Chargers
Sleek Storage Chargers
The Powerstick with Memory USB Drive is a Quick Battery Fix
Flash Drive Air Fresheners
Flash Drive Air Fresheners
The 'Aroma Style USB Stick' Diffuses Bad Odors
Shimmering Sacred Sanctuaries
Shimmering Sacred Sanctuaries
The Iceland Hallgrímskirkja Church Flickers as a Beacon
play_circle_filled Musically Inclined Collaborations
Musically Inclined Collaborations
The Rachel Roy x Seu Jorge Collection Channels Brazilian Beauty
play_circle_filled British Tailor Collaborations
British Tailor Collaborations
The Superdry + Timothy Everest Collection is the Perfect Fit
play_circle_filled Massive Interactive Solar Shows
Massive Interactive Solar Shows
‘Luminous’ by Klik Systems is the Largest Light Instal
Futuristic Swimmer Editorials
Futuristic Swimmer Editorials
The Interview Russia June 2012 Ribeiro Photoshoot is Ultramodern
Top Floor Raver Lounges
Top Floor Raver Lounges
The HWKN MINI Rooftop Hosts Sky-High Light Shows
Fiercely Floral Collaborations
Fiercely Floral Collaborations
The DVF for Current/Elliot Collection is Summery and Feminine
play_circle_filled Robot Music Videos
Robot Music Videos
The 'Androp: World.Words.Lights.' Video Features Bionic Toys
Conscious Food Collaborations
Conscious Food Collaborations
Watami and the Yunus Centre Sign MOU to Create a Social Business
Preppy Popstar Collaborations
Preppy Popstar Collaborations
The Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Spring 2012 Collection is Low-Key
Global Asian Rockstars
Global Asian Rockstars
BoA, Se7en, Wonder Girls, Utada Get Love From U.S. Tweens