Excessive Internet Usage Does More than Promote Bad Posture

 - Dec 2, 2012
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The negative effects of excessive Internet usage are not only detrimental to one’s physical health but emotional as well. It’s no longer a question of if but how the online addiction affects people’s health in today’s digitally rich environment.

According to research revealed in the ‘Is the Internet Bad for Your Health’ infographic, the brains of online addicts shrank by 10 to 20%. Other negative effects of excessive Internet usage also include mood disorders, sleep deprivation, poor posture, bullying and strained relationships. Though it is an issue of moderation, the Internet as well as social media has created a world of instantaneous information where people live voyeuristically and vicariously through complete strangers. Instead of over-sharing and obsessing over status updates, users could benefit by taking a step back and enjoying some face time with loved ones instead of instant or text messaging.