Open Condom Style Spoof Promotes Safe Sex While Being Hilarious

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: youtube
In an attempt to promote safe sex and awareness and also just for kicks, Dr. Jason along with Yuri Wong and Chelsea Ng created this Gangnam Style spoof entirely from condoms.

Dr. Jason sings to the viral tune, reminding men to remember to "cap [their] soldier" cause all it takes is "ten seconds and a shot from your banana and oh my God it's over!" Aside from unplanned pregnancies, Dr. Jason also warns of the possibility of contracting STDs and emphasizes the importance of wearing the "rubber glove of love."

If you want, this awesome Gangnam style parody could also be used to avoid those awkward talks with children, although a face-to-face is probably best. In any case, this video is great for awkward, yet hysterical laughter.