From Top Floor Raver Lounges to Shimmering Sacred Sanctuaries

 - Jul 21, 2012
What makes the city skylines so beautiful is not solely the tall buildings or fantastically shaped structures -- much can be accredited to the sky-scraping light shows that adorn facades around the world.

It is all the rage to have huge light displays decorating the face of a building -- churches, hotels or even gardens are prime candidates. Just about anything can be covered with kaleidoscope-patterned LED lights. Admiring architecture and landmarks in the future may not simply entail marvelling at gothic-style renderings or deep set-backs, rather, the intensity and intricacies of luminous exteriors will be taken into account.

Doubling as both public art pieces and marketing techniques for some, the question of whether the holistic look of a city is compromised will be one of the issues to consider.