Alex George Recreates the Main Street Electrical Parade

Disney World's 'Main Street Electrical Parade' is a popular light show and American artist Alex George recreates the whole show in a miniature version.

This theme park parade is just one of many where people flock to to get a glimpse of Disney magic. The real life 'Main Street Electrical Parade' takes place in Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. For the duration of two years, George designed a scale model of 'Main Street' and created mini floating sculptures assembled with LEDs. It's built on a low table and equipped with a homemade chain-and-sprocket system that pulls the floating sculptures.

The parade floats are not the only meticulously detailed gems, but the mini buildings lining the street looks real and portrays the real life structures. This detail-oriented design by Alex George is an example of great miniature innovations.

Additional Photo Credits: designboom | bygeorgeithinkyouvegotit