Spark of Light is a Spectacular Interactive Sculpture

 - Feb 28, 2011   Updated: May 17 2011
References: supernaturedesign & gizfactory
'Spark of Light' is a mesmerizing piece of LED artwork that uses some serious gadgetry to create its fantastic digital displays.

Through the use of an ultrasonic sensor, the 'Spark of Light' is able to detect when someone is standing beneath one of its giant dome-shaped apparatuses. This initiates a dramatic LED display from within the massive orbs that gives the entire exhibit an otherworldly, space-age feel that is quite unlike anything you've seen before.

Implications - Since most people live off their technology, they get very excited when something new is released. If a business shows off unique exhibits such as the featured light show, people are going get excited about that business and speak highly of it. Even incorporating technology into advertisements has the power to take an item a long way.