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Assistive Wearable

Everyday, wearable items help those with Parkinson's disease

Implications - Researchers are developing everyday wearables like watches and belts that incorporate assistive functions for people affected by Parkinson's disease. These products are designed to enhance mobility in a way that is non-intrusive and allows for an enhanced quality of life for its customers.
Workshop Question — How could your brand create non-intrusive items/services that convenience its customers' lives?
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
58,054 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 17 — Nov 18
This Year and Warm
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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play_circle_filled Origami Antenna-Infused Threads
Origami Antenna-Infused Threads
Ohio State University Researchers are Working with Smart Fabrics
Mobility-Granting Wearables
Mobility-Granting Wearables
The MyoPro Myoelectric Arm Restores Movement to Hundreds of People
Death-Simulating VR Experiences
Death-Simulating VR Experiences
Embodied Labs Wants to Use VR to Teach Empathy to Caregivers
Smartphone-Based Glucose Monitors
Smartphone-Based Glucose Monitors
The Glucosio Concept Makes Diabetes Management More Convenient
Brain-Assessing Medical Apps
Brain-Assessing Medical Apps
This App Measures the Severity of Parkinson's Disease Symptoms
Emergency Notification-Sending Shoes
Emergency Notification-Sending Shoes
These Smart Sneakers for Seniors Help in an Emergency
Transit Payment Sneakers
Transit Payment Sneakers
These Sneakers Double as a Payment on Berlin Public Transit
Memory-Reviving VR Experiences
Memory-Reviving VR Experiences
The Wayback Project is Helping People with Alzheimer's
play_circle_filled Waterproof Knit Shoes
Waterproof Knit Shoes
These Lightweight and Breathable Shoes Will Deflect Rain, Mud and Snow
Refined Fencing Sneakers
Refined Fencing Sneakers
The New Balance Study Shoes Have Different Designs for Each Foot
play_circle_filled Strong Sparring Sensors
Strong Sparring Sensors
Hysko is a Wearable Punch Tracker for Training Pugilists
play_circle_filled Repackaged Positivity
Repackaged Positivity
In Her Talk on Positivity, Emma Lawton Explains Her Journey with Parkinson's
Custom-Fit Printed Sandals
Custom-Fit Printed Sandals
OLT Footcare is Launching 3D-Printed Shoes for Optimal Fit and Comfort
Prepackaged Artisan Sandwiches
Prepackaged Artisan Sandwiches
These New Sandwiches from Ginsters are Limited-Edition
Versatile Outdoor Gloves
Versatile Outdoor Gloves
The Glovax Adventure Glove is Designed to Aid in Any Outdoor Activity
Bluetooth Boxing Glove Games
Bluetooth Boxing Glove Games
The 'Jabii' Boxing Game Offers a Fun, Safe and Connected Experience
play_circle_filled Motorized Orbital Smartwatches
Motorized Orbital Smartwatches
The Cito Smartwatch Can Move in Five Different Directions
Mechanical Display Smartwatches
Mechanical Display Smartwatches
The 'Wave' OLED Watch Has Digital and Analog Accents
Smartwatch-Connected Panic Buttons
Smartwatch-Connected Panic Buttons
The Wearsafe Distress System is Now Apple Watch Compatible
Colorful VR Lounges
Colorful VR Lounges
'House of VR' Brings Virtual Technology to Downtown Toronto
Skin Tone-Matching Timepieces
Skin Tone-Matching Timepieces
The 'In One’s Skin' Timepiece Watch Collection is Philanthropic
play_circle_filled Smart Watch Navigation Devices
Smart Watch Navigation Devices
'Wearworks' Helps Users Navigate Their Surroundings Through Touch
Stride-Tracking Fitness Platforms
Stride-Tracking Fitness Platforms
The 'Wigait' App Measures How Users Walk to Monitor Their Health
Wrap-Around Display Watches
Wrap-Around Display Watches
The Sony FES-2 E-Ink Watch Has a Paper-Thin Display Design
Feminine Smartwatch Jewelry
Feminine Smartwatch Jewelry
The Bezels & Bytes Apple Watch Strap Bands are Stylishly Chic
play_circle_filled Affordable Swiss Watchpieces
Affordable Swiss Watchpieces
Imperium Watches Makes Inexpensive Watches with Swiss Components
Glove Gaming Controllers
Glove Gaming Controllers
The 'CaptoGlove' Wireless Controller Utilizes Your Hand for Gameplay
Exoskeleton VR Gloves
Exoskeleton VR Gloves
The 'EXOS' Virtual Reality Glove is Enabled with Haptic Technology
Cell Protection Beverages
Cell Protection Beverages
The CELTS-BERRY Re-Aging Functional Drink Stops Cell Degeneration
play_circle_filled Disease-Detecting Breathalyzers
Disease-Detecting Breathalyzers
The Printed 'Na-Nose' Accurately Identifies 17 Types of Diseases
Fingerprint Glove Stickers
Fingerprint Glove Stickers
'Nanotips Taps' Let Users Access Fingerprint-Locked Phones with Gloves
Pain-Relieving Robotic Gloves
Pain-Relieving Robotic Gloves
NASA Created a Useful Tool Glove That Reduces Stress on Workers
Grip-Boosting Gloves
Grip-Boosting Gloves
This Robotic Glove Uses Sensors and Actuators to Increase Gripping Strength
Daunting Disease Campaigns
Daunting Disease Campaigns
The Parkinson's NSW Ad Shows How Simple Actions Become Extremely Hard
Virtual Reality Gloves
Virtual Reality Gloves
The Manus Glove Kits are Wearable Controllers for Simulated Experiences
play_circle_filled Parkinson's Disease-Diagnosing Apps
Parkinson's Disease-Diagnosing Apps
This Diagnostic App Identifies Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Wearable Tremor Monitors
Wearable Tremor Monitors
The OneRing Digitally Tracks the Health Status of Parkinson's Patients
Tremor-Dampening Gloves
Tremor-Dampening Gloves
The 'GyroGlove' is a Wearable Device That Reduces Hand Tremors