The Printed 'Na-Nose' Accurately Identifies 17 Types of Diseases

 - Dec 29, 2016
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'Na-Nose' is the name of an inexpensive 3D-printed breathalyzer that was created by a team of researchers to detect 17 types of diseases with 86% accuracy. Using gold nanoparticles that react to certain exhaled chemicals, the medical device is able to detect diseases like Parkinson’s and eight types of cancer.

The teams behind this impressive medical device come from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute Haick, led by Pofessor Hossam Haick. So far, the device has been tested on roughly 1,400 patients and has proven itself to be an extremely effective innovation. This tool could be extremely useful for doctors who want to detect early signs of disease.

Originally, the disease-sniffing Na-Nose device was inspired by a dog's nose. Next up, the researchers have plans to develop Sniffphone for disease detection through a smartphone.