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Touchscreen Technology

How The iPhone Set New Industry Standards

Implications - The iPhone has completely revolutionized how we perceive and interact with our gadgets. Consumers are no longer satisfied with pressing the same buttons on their gadgets as they did pre-iPhone. Every piece of technology that doesn't have a touchscreen has become immediately obsolete.
25 Featured, 18 Examples:
458,330 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 07 — Nov 08
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Touch-Screen Menus
Touch-Screen Menus
Restaurants & Bars with Interactive Tabletops
A wave of ubiquitous computing is sweeping the world, with incredible inventions like touch-screen tabletops hitting restaurants and bars, allowing for waiterless ordering with interactive menus, or sheer… MORE
Where Disco & Touch-Screens Meet
Where Disco & Touch-Screens Meet
Eyecandy Sound Lounge and Bar
If you're heading to Las Vegas you have to check out the Eyecandy Sound Lounge and Bar. Where else can you find touch-screen tables in the world renowned entertainment capital? The chic bar is inside… MORE
play_circle_filled Touchscreen Bus Stop Ads
Touchscreen Bus Stop Ads
Nokia n95 Interactive Billboard Games
Nokia has launched a new series of interactive touch screen bus stop ads for anyone who gets bored waiting for the bus. The touchscreen ads launched around london to promote Nokia n95 phone. "Nokia's… MORE
Docking Station Resembles Alien Transporter
Docking Station Resembles Alien Transporter
LG Touchscreen Charger
LG has designed the hell out of this touchscreen phone. It even has a secondary LCD screen on its top edge for alert and other important info. The sleek docking station includes an etched QWERTY keyboard… MORE
Touchscreen Guitar
Touchscreen Guitar
Modified Guitar Hero 3 Also Has Magnetic Switch
Thousands of Guitar Hero fans will go crazy for the Guitar Hero III touch-screen and magnetic switch. No, this isn't some thing new on the market in time for Christmas. It's actually the creation of… MORE
Touch-Screen OLED Keyboards
Touch-Screen OLED Keyboards
Optimus Tactus
Most of us would have heard of the Optimus Maximus Keyboard which employed small OLED Screens on the keys which could be programmed to preform different functions. Optimus has already hit the drawing boards… MORE
Touchscreen Dining
Touchscreen Dining
Inamo Restaurant in London
At Inamo Restaurant in London, dining is an interactive experience in more ways than one. The tech-savvy eatery features touchscreen tables at each booth, where diners can select their pan-Asian meal from… MORE
play_circle_filled Touchscreen WiFi Beanbag
Touchscreen WiFi Beanbag
Chumby PDA Pet
Chumby, the "squeezable wireless beanbag computer" is an open source consumer device that is in its own category, whatever that is. It is sort of like a cross between a PDA and a pet. It was invented… MORE
play_circle_filled TouchScreen PCs
TouchScreen PCs
HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series
The HP Touchsmart IQ500 is a new experience in computing and home entertainment. Instead of dragging your mouse around, you can directly interact with the computer screen. You only need to plug in one… MORE
Wireless Touch-Screen Piano
Wireless Touch-Screen Piano
Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV
Yamaha is becoming more technologically advanced, taking music a step further with its Disklavier Mark IV, an easy-to-use, yet advanced music entertainment system. Its features and functions are packed… MORE
play_circle_filled Kid-Friendly Touchscreens
Kid-Friendly Touchscreens
The SMART Table
The folks at Engadget observed kids playing with a SMART Table at Haines Elementary School in Chicago, and from the looks of the video and images they captured, this gadget is set to revolutionize the… MORE
play_circle_filled Touch-Screen Vanity
Touch-Screen Vanity
The Interactive Mirror
This touch-capable mirror will not only let you draw on your reflection, but it will also let you call up and read digital text (perhaps newspapers and weather one day) or play games. It’ll sure make brushing… MORE
Apple Tablet Underway?
Apple Tablet Underway?
Time for Touch-Screen MacBook
Rumors have been swirling that Apple could be producing a touch-screen tablet computer, combining the direct screen interaction of the iPhone with the functions of a MacBook. PC World pictured, "Apple… MORE
Touchscreens for Salespeople
Touchscreens for Salespeople
BMW Showrooms Get High Tech
In South Korea, BMW is using touch screen displays to enhance the sales process. A sales associate can quickly highligh vehicle features, play videos, and even help you customize your ride. Expect technology… MORE
NYC Taxis Get High Tech
NYC Taxis Get High Tech
Touchscreens and Credit Card Payment
Say goodbye to having to pay cab fares by cash only. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission has launched a new initiative to install touch-screen monitors in all 13,000 cabs. The monitors being installed… MORE
play_circle_filled Touch-Screen Keyboards
Touch-Screen Keyboards
The Swype Traces Your Words
It is not that often that there are radical advances in interface technologies--devices like the mouse and keyboard have remained largely unchanged for years--so the technology industry is buzzing like… MORE
Touch-Screen Restaurant Registers
Touch-Screen Restaurant Registers
The EPOS Lite
The EPOS lite is a concept design for a hi-tech cash register. The device, ideal for restaurants, has a touchscreen interface and a built-in menu, the design for which was inspired by the Apple MacBook… MORE
Shower With Touchscreen Lighting
Shower With Touchscreen Lighting
Whitewater by Ravak
The Whitewater is a new ultra-luxury shower by Ravak that is not only beautiful, but also trendy and functional. This shower is made with real glass and aluminum for a stunning, contemporary look. The… MORE
Touchscreen Digital Painting
Touchscreen Digital Painting
Palette Digital Artist
Among the new gadgets that emerged out of the Next-Gen PC design competition is the Palette-Digital Artist. This is a palette that makes it possible to paint digitally on a touchscreen without using the… MORE
Touchscreen Jukeboxes
Touchscreen Jukeboxes
Dual Screen IntelliTunes
This revolutionary new digital touchscreen jukebox from IntelliTunes features two LCD screens and wall-mount chassis, so you don't need to part with any space to accommodate it. The wall-mounted design… MORE
LUPE Touchscreen Camera
LUPE Touchscreen Camera
A Different Kind Of Shot
Designed by Seoghwan Choi, the LUPE is a new touchscreen camera made to be used with ease and simplicity. With the use of quality glass lenses and a series of transparent touchscreens, the LUPE camera… MORE
Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku
Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku
This Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku is different from all the others because obviously it is a touchscreen game which is a rare thing. One of its great features is the auto-save that saves battery by turning… MORE
Touchscreen X-Ray Machine Has Fun Webgames & TV Too
Touchscreen X-Ray Machine Has Fun Webgames & TV Too
The MEDIVista Medical Equipment
In Dublin, Ireland a company named Lincor Solutions has created a new machine that takes the interaction between hospital patients and their caretakers to new digitalized levels. This concept is named… MORE
Double-Sided Touchscreens
Double-Sided Touchscreens
The EL Panel
Touchscreens have become one of the most influential consumer tech innovations of the last few years, so it's about time we were introduced to double-sided touchscreen interfaces. Double-sided touchscreens… MORE
play_circle_filled Touch-Screen Old School Games
Touch-Screen Old School Games
Multi-Touch Missile Command
According to their website, Obscura Digital has developed proprietary software that allows them "to turn virtually any surface into a full-motion video canvass", including even buildings and walls. Well,… MORE