Danny Rozen's Magic Wooden Mirror

 - Sep 6, 2008
References: environmentalgraffiti
Get ready to see yourself in a whole new light thanks to Danny Rozen’s amazing wooden mirror. Rozen’s mirror is made up of no glass, just tiny squares of wood.

Carefully constructed, the pieces of wood are designed to turn and twist to reflect light perfectly, much like a camera, and to send the reflection of the person or thing standing in front of them right back.

This mirror is certainly super-trendy, and not many people own one yet. Danny Rozen used some seriously cutting-edge technology to make this miracle happen, and he’s not stopping yet.

Since creating this fabulous piece of wooden fashion, Danny Rozen has tried creating other mirrors and masterpieces using the same concept and other materials. His mindblowing works of art define innovation.

Rozen’s underlying idea and main motivation is to show others that anything is possible. He has created brilliant reflections out of surfaces that aren’t normally considered "reflectable."

Even if you don’t get a chance to snag a glimpse of yourself in Rozen’s mirror, (not many people do,) you should at least attempt to steal his brilliant mindset.