The Xi

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: drinkstuff & coolest-gadgets
Jukeboxes were ubiquitous during the 1950’s. Remember the automated music playing device with a slot for coins? Yes, that was it.

These days, you would hardly see them in the amusement parks and bars where they were usually seen before. If you are one of the people who have a thing for oldies and bygones just like the jukebox, you will love the Xi.

Xi is a music device that is designed like a jukebox which plays tracks from your iPod. It really resembles the retro beauty of jukebox with its numbered buttons and two speakers. The only difference is the touch of technology like the provided remote control and LCD screen which displays the iPod video files. The LED light around the exterior of the Xi can also be modified by the user.

But before you get too excited for the Xi, take note of its price first. Missing the era of jukebox can cost you $11,000.