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Grassroots Humor

As Hollywood comedy loses panache, consumers opt for cheap versions of comedy

Implications - The comedy industry spends copious amounts of money each year trying to garner the attention of highly critical consumers both on and offline, but a desire for something less formalized and more grassroots is bringing about a genuine preference for low budget comedic endeavours. Charmed by the quirk of shoddy scenery and poor acting, consumers are consistently becoming disillusioned by Hollywood-centric blockbusters and would prefer seeing actors go for coffee or the struggling comedian perform for fans on Chatroulette.
6 Featured, 51 Examples:
622,263 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 13 — Apr 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Budget Cosplayer Costumes
Budget Cosplayer Costumes
Lowcostcosplay Makes Intentionally Cheap Cosplay from Household Items
There are some cosplayers that invest a lot of time and money into their getups rather than buying a cheap cosplay but ‘Lowcostcosplay’ is not one of them. In his spare time, Anucha &#... MORE
Abhorently Humorous Cards
Abhorently Humorous Cards
Be Careful Who You Give These Novelty Greeting Cards To
These novelty greeting cards are the product from the hilariously warped minds of the people at The idea for these “greeting cards that leave a mark” arose out of a small... MORE
play_circle_filled Iconic Comedian Coffee Skits
Iconic Comedian Coffee Skits
Seinfeld Stars in an Episode of Comedians Getting Coffee
This video series showcases different comedians getting coffee. In this particular video, you have Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reuniting. It is entertaining and brings anyone who useD to... MORE
play_circle_filled Live Action Cartoon Openings
Live Action Cartoon Openings
This Family Guy Homemade Trailer is a Barrel of Laughs
Family Guy has been ruling the animated sitcom waves along with The Simpsons for sometime now, so it was only a matter of time before we got this Family Guy homemade live-action rendering of the... MORE
play_circle_filled Reactive Pop Ballad Parodies
Reactive Pop Ballad Parodies
The Wrecking Ball Chatroulette Parody Elicits Hilarious Responses
Miley Cyrus’s pop ballad ‘Wrecking Ball’ has become so popular. It’s spawned its fair share of viral video parodies within mere weeks, the latest of which is the Wrecking... MORE
play_circle_filled Cross-Dressing Christmas Music Videos
Cross-Dressing Christmas Music Videos
Steve Kardynal Celebrates Christmas Chatroulette Style
YouTube personality Steve Kardynal has blessed the Internet with a Christmas Chatroulette video. He goes about his usual routine—dressing in drag, lip-synching popular songs and generally... MORE

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play_circle_filled Hashtag Conversation Skits
Hashtag Conversation Skits
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Poke Fun at Social Media
Disheartening Christmas Cards
Disheartening Christmas Cards
The Santa Hates You Christmas Card Designs are Comically Crude
play_circle_filled Cosplayer Bedroom Makeovers
Cosplayer Bedroom Makeovers
IKEA Singapore Provides a Bedroom Makeover for an Epic Cosplayer
play_circle_filled Geek-Friendly Comic Conventions
Geek-Friendly Comic Conventions
Toronto Comicon 2014 Was a Weekend to Remember
play_circle_filled Niche Gathering Videos
Niche Gathering Videos
'We Are Not Alone' by Facebook Celebrates Finding Friends
play_circle_filled Cosplayer-Specific Suitcases
Cosplayer-Specific Suitcases
The Coscase Was Developed Just for Cosplay Conventions
Sci-Fi Costumed Engagements
Sci-Fi Costumed Engagements
This Geeky Marriage Proposal Has the Man Dressed as the Predator
Online Cosplay Marketplaces
Online Cosplay Marketplaces
CosTrader Makes Dressing Up for Comic-Con Easier Than Ever
Drag Family Christmas Photos
Drag Family Christmas Photos
The Power Family Show Us Their Funny Family Christmas Photos
Sci-Fi Christmas Carols
Sci-Fi Christmas Carols
The 12 Days of Doctor Who is a Geeky Twist on the Festive Song
Inebriated Holiday Card Designs
Inebriated Holiday Card Designs
Celebrate the True Spirit of Christmas with Drunk Christmas Cards
Drunken Holiday Greeting Cards
Drunken Holiday Greeting Cards
John Cessna Makes Elaborate and Funny Homemade Christmas Cards
Super Trio Cosplay Outfits
Super Trio Cosplay Outfits
This Powerpuff Girl Team Isn’t Like the One You Remember
play_circle_filled Christmas Carol Concerts
Christmas Carol Concerts
Watch These Surprises from Heineken's Carol Karaoke (SPONSORED)
play_circle_filled Eccentric Piano Christmas Carols
Eccentric Piano Christmas Carols
The Piano Guys Do a Stunning Performance in the Wake of Christmas
Holiday Card Shot Glasses
Holiday Card Shot Glasses
The Jolly Shot Glass Cards are a Shot of Christmas Cheer
play_circle_filled Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Sarah Dos Santos Talks About a Unique Video Game Cosplay Craze
Retro Decepticon Sweatshirts
Retro Decepticon Sweatshirts
The Starscream Hoodie is Perfect for Cosplayers
Psychedelic Feline Celebrity Performances
Psychedelic Feline Celebrity Performances
The Miley Cyrus 2013 AMA Gig was an Ode to Cat Ladies
play_circle_filled Dystopian Romance Parodies
Dystopian Romance Parodies
The Reaping Ball is Hunger Games: Catching Fire Meets Miley Cyrus
play_circle_filled Devilishly Distorted Pop Songs
Devilishly Distorted Pop Songs
This Wrecking Ball Remix Will Give You Nightmares for Life
play_circle_filled Golden Girl Video Spoofs
Golden Girl Video Spoofs
The Betty White Wrecking Ball Commercial is Bang On
play_circle_filled Twerking Popstar Makeup Tutorials
Twerking Popstar Makeup Tutorials
Kandee Johnson's 'Wrecking Ball' Makeup Makes a Perfect Miley
play_circle_filled Tranquil Wrecking Ball Mashups
Tranquil Wrecking Ball Mashups
Mumford & Sons Team up with Miley Cyrus in 'Little Wrecking Ball'
play_circle_filled Celebrity Feud Music Videos
Celebrity Feud Music Videos
The Miley Cyrus/Sinead O’Connor Mash-Up is a Tear Jerker
play_circle_filled Twerking Disney Rap Collaborations
Twerking Disney Rap Collaborations
The New Miley Cyrus Rap Video with Mike Will Made It is Racy
play_circle_filled Hilarious Howllywood Pop Star Parodies
Hilarious Howllywood Pop Star Parodies
The Nicholas Cage ‘Wrecking Ball’ Parody Knocks
Candid Comedic Celeb Portraits
Candid Comedic Celeb Portraits
Matt Hoyle Captured the Hilarity of Favorite Comedians
play_circle_filled YouTube Spoofvertising
YouTube Spoofvertising
These Pop Culture Satire Vids Cover Everything from Feminism to Rob Ford
Doodle Covered Comedians
Doodle Covered Comedians
GQ Magazine’s Ricky Gervais Interview Resulted in Magic Marker Fun
Sassy Mother's Day Cards
Sassy Mother's Day Cards
Terrapin Stationers' Cards for Mom are Not Overly Sentimental
Cartoon Family Flash Drives
Cartoon Family Flash Drives
These USBs Amazingly Resemble the Characters from Family Guy
play_circle_filled Awful Martial Arts Compilations
Awful Martial Arts Compilations
Slacktory Shows the Worst Karate TV and Movies Have to Offer
Humorous Copyright Ads
Humorous Copyright Ads
The Samsung Super Bowl Commercial Stars Funny Men Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen
Sci-Fi Greeting Cards
Sci-Fi Greeting Cards
Show your Affection with a Star Wars Valentine's Day Card
play_circle_filled Dignitary Holiday Jingles
Dignitary Holiday Jingles
The US Embassy Warsaw ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Lip
play_circle_filled Presidential Christmas Carols
Presidential Christmas Carols
Obama Sings 'Deck the Halls' in this Re-Dubbed Video
play_circle_filled Comical Christmas Dancing Pranks
Comical Christmas Dancing Pranks
This Hilarious Recording by Preston Leatherman Has Holiday Cheer
play_circle_filled Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
ImprovEverwhere Executes a Black Friday Prank That Redefines Deals
ChatRoulette Lip Dub Videos
ChatRoulette Lip Dub Videos
The 'Call Me Maybe ChatRoulette Version' Invades Your Webcam
play_circle_filled Humorous Great North Promos
Humorous Great North Promos
Eric McCormack is Discouraged in 'Canada For Fun' Tourism Campaign
Fluorescent TV Figures
Fluorescent TV Figures
Family Guy x Kidrobot SDCC Edition Glows Humorously in the Dark
Retro Cartoon Revivals
Retro Cartoon Revivals
Seth McFarlane to Head the Flinstones Reboot on Fox
play_circle_filled Social Media Mocking Videos
Social Media Mocking Videos
The Offline Social Network Video Pokes Fun at Facebook
Hilarious Irish Greetings
Hilarious Irish Greetings
These Someecards St. Patrick's Day Cards Celebrate the Holiday in Humor
TV Cartoon Vinyl Toys
TV Cartoon Vinyl Toys
These Fantastic Kidrobot Family Guy Figurines Are Straight Out of Quahog
Chatroulette Artwork
Chatroulette Artwork
The Liubo Borissov 'Crowdsource' Video is a Chatroulette Masterpiece
play_circle_filled Cheeky Award Campaigns
Cheeky Award Campaigns
'Family Guy' Emmy Ads Give You a Reason to Vote
Gay Cartoon Admissions
Gay Cartoon Admissions
Per Seth MacFarlane, Stewie is Gay (or a Repressed Hetero)
Google TV Ads
Google TV Ads
Family Guy Roll-Over Ads
Untooning (Part V)
Untooning (Part V)
Stewie, Peter Griffin, Marge Simpson, Betty Boop, The Little Mermaid