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Conscious Printing

A continued dependency on printed documents sparks an eco movement

Implications - As the continued push towards more workspaces adopting a paperless ethos and less printer use among consumers, a rise in eco-friendly printing innovations are reintroducing the office practice without the associated waste. The increase in ecological options is helping to satisfy green-minded Millennials while still respecting more traditional mainstays of office life. These cost-effective solutions also reignite the consumer printing market as many individuals have chosen to ditch the technology in recent years thanks in part to increased smartphone and tablet usage.
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
391,970 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 13 — Mar 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Photo Messaging Printer
Photo Messaging Printer
The Little Snapper is a Hacked Device that Prints Snapchat Messages
play_circle_filled Confession-Capturing Printers
Confession-Capturing Printers
The Confession Message Printer Exposes Your Lies
3D Printed Chocolates
3D Printed Chocolates
The New 3D Systems and Hershey Partnership Promise to Make 3D Chocolates
play_circle_filled Interactive Ink Printed Toys
Interactive Ink Printed Toys
These Inkimal Toys are Crafted from 3D Printers
Screen-Capturing Miniature Printers
Screen-Capturing Miniature Printers
The Cocodori Printer Can Produce Your Screen Image
play_circle_filled Concrete 3D-Printed Houses
Concrete 3D-Printed Houses
Contour Crafting Could Produce 3D-Printed House Designs in 24 Hours
play_circle_filled Intricately 3D-Printed Gear Sculptures
Intricately 3D-Printed Gear Sculptures
Proxy Design Firm Will Reinvent Limitations of 3D Printing
play_circle_filled 3D Printed Drink Decorations
3D Printed Drink Decorations
This 3D Printer Spikes Jello Shots with Creative Designs
Dessert-Producing 3D Printers
Dessert-Producing 3D Printers
The ChefJet 3D Printer Was Displayed at 2014 CES
Affordable 3D Printers
Affordable 3D Printers
The RoBo 3D R1 was Released at CES 2014
play_circle_filled Massive Mutiple Object Printers
Massive Mutiple Object Printers
The Makerbot Z18 Industrial 3D Printer Shines Big at CES 2014
Mini Smartphone Pocket Printers
Mini Smartphone Pocket Printers
Gadget Company LG Introduced the LG Pocket Photo 2.0 at CES 2014
Innovative Nail Varnish Printers
Innovative Nail Varnish Printers
This Nail Polish Machine Mixes From Your Stylish Inspirations
Flourishing 3D Printed Gardens
Flourishing 3D Printed Gardens
This 3D Printer is Able to Produce a Living Garden
play_circle_filled Dream Printing Printers
Dream Printing Printers
Ad Agency Ogilvy & Mathers Converts Children's Dreams into Reality
Upcycled Electronic Furniture
Upcycled Electronic Furniture
The Binary Collection by Benjamin Rollins Caldwel is Techy
play_circle_filled 3D-Printed Speakers
3D-Printed Speakers
This 3D-Printed Speaker Produces Quality Sound and Functionality
Auto Ink-Adjusting Pens
Auto Ink-Adjusting Pens
The Pluma Pen Prototype Dreams of an Automated Multi-Colored Pen
Minimalist Vertical Printers
Minimalist Vertical Printers
The 'Stack' Printer Munches Down on Piles of Paper
3D-Printed Acoustic Amplifiers
3D-Printed Acoustic Amplifiers
The SONIC-Ear Helps Enhance Sound Quality Without Complication
Scandalous Morphing Ink Ads
Scandalous Morphing Ink Ads
Ads for Ecofill Ink Cartridges Remove Color to Reverse Innocent Scenes
play_circle_filled Algorithmic Tetris Block Cartoons
Algorithmic Tetris Block Cartoons
This Special Tetris Strategy Has an Artistic Motive
play_circle_filled 3D Smartphone Cameras
3D Smartphone Cameras
This Cellphone Camera by Pelican Imagining Turns Images into 3D Photos
3D-Printing Cameras
3D-Printing Cameras
The '3D Pentax' Reproduces Scenes in Sculpture Form
play_circle_filled Physical Music Vizualizations
Physical Music Vizualizations
The '3D-Printed Music' Project Transforms Music into Sculptures
play_circle_filled 3D Thought-Printing Platforms
3D Thought-Printing Platforms
A Platform by Thinker Thing Lets You Print Objects with a Thought
Ecological Printer Campaigns
Ecological Printer Campaigns
The Samsung Paper Jam Ads Focus on Protecting Animals
play_circle_filled Budget-Friendly 3D Printers
Budget-Friendly 3D Printers
The Buccaneer is the Most Budget-Friendly 3D Printer
play_circle_filled Artistic Sculpture-Building Robots
Artistic Sculpture-Building Robots
Mataerial is a Large Robot with Nozzles That Produce 3-D Art
play_circle_filled 3D-Printable Foods
3D-Printable Foods
The 3D Food Printer by Anjan Contractor Will Help to Make Food in Space
play_circle_filled Interactive Register Tablet Stands
Interactive Register Tablet Stands
The 'Stand' iPad Register Makes Business Transactions Simpler
Revolutionary Home 3D Printers
Revolutionary Home 3D Printers
BotObjects ProDesk3D Brings Color 3D Printing to Your Living Room
Chromatic Three-Dimensional Printers
Chromatic Three-Dimensional Printers
The ProDesk3D Brings 3D Printing to the Home Office in Color
Human CMYK Printers
Human CMYK Printers
The Human Printer is an Incredible Project That Shows Humans Printing by Hand
Timepiece Miniature Printers
Timepiece Miniature Printers
Kodak Wrist Kiosk Shrinks an Entire Photo Shop Down to an Accessory
play_circle_filled Versatile Smartphone Accessories
Versatile Smartphone Accessories
The Wrapster Enables Tangle-Free Storage and Hands-Free Standing
Petite Printing Smartphone Docks
Petite Printing Smartphone Docks
The iScamil Mini Prints Small Documents in a Snap
Extendable Office Appliances
Extendable Office Appliances
The Retractable Printer Elongates to Ink an Array of Different Pages