This 3D-Printed Speaker Produces Quality Sound and Functionality

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: designboom & gizmodo
This 3D printed speaker is fully functional with manufactured plastic components. Cornell researchers were able to develop and print a loudspeaker using only two 3D printers to customize it. Some of these parts consist of conductive and magnetic parts that work seamlessly with the cone piece to produce sound. It was developed by Apoorva Kiran and Robert Maccurdy, who are graduate students in mechanical engineering.

This speaker only required minimal assemblage with the right wiring components to create the power and sound. This consists of special silver ink extrusion that is used for the coil and a viscous blend of strontium ferrite for the magnet. This 3D-printed speaker proves to be an educational step in technology that will change the way printers are used in the future.Photo Credits: gizmodo, designboom