The Binary Collection by Benjamin Rollins Caldwel is Techy

 - Dec 23, 2013
References: brcdesigns & theverge
The Binary Collection looks like something that would be found in a distant dystopian future or perhaps the eccentric home of a tech genius. It is comprised of furniture pieces that have been constructed out of old circuit boards and other electronic parts. According to The Verge, "The designer was walking through an old warehouse when he came upon a hodgepodge of obsolete computers, calculators, telephones, and printers, and decided to take the pallets back to his studio."

Created by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, The Binary Collection was taken to the next level with the Binary Room. Complete with circuit board walls, it is so full of colorful and texture that anyone could be inspired to add some of its essence to their own home. Of course, The Binary Collection is quite unique.