The SONIC-Ear Helps Enhance Sound Quality Without Complication

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: sonic-ear & damngeeky
Sometimes the built-in speaker on the iPad just doesn't cut it for watching a film or listening to music, which is where the SONIC-Ear can come in handy for effectively pumping up the volume without having to add electronic speakers.

Working on the basic principle of expanding concentrated sound waves in an outward fashion, the SONIC-Ear is specially designed to fit snuggly onto the iPad and iPad Mini. The SONIC-Ear is created using a 3D printer, which is an innovative approach to product design and allows the device to be created in a demand-based market rather than simply supply and demand.

The SONIC-Ear is a cost-effective (around $20) means to amplify the existing speaker of your mobile computing device and enhance it to the level that users prefer.