Proxy Design Firm Will Reinvent Limitations of 3D Printing

 - Jan 19, 2014
In the hopes of making an object that can only be created through a three-dimensional printer, New York City-based design studio Proxy Design has created ‘Mechaneu V1,’ a three-dimensional printed spherical gear sculpture using 3D printing.

On the process of the spherical construction, 3D modeling tools were used in conjunction with custom computer algorithms that mimic cellular growth patterns.

With the intention of exploring the physical and mechanical limits of this novel way of printing 3D sculptures, designer and partner at Proxy, Toru Hasegawa says, "[n]ature solves many problems through shape alone, using material only where needed and taking out where unnecessary. This is a strategy you find over and over again in the natural world, leading to complex geometries such as bone structures. We used this same logic on every part of the Mechaneu to create a porous object that feels completely solid."