Mataerial is a Large Robot with Nozzles That Produce 3-D Art

 - May 28, 2013
References: mataerial & thisiscolossal
Robot fans will be intrigued by Mataerial, the 3-D art making robot. This artistic robotic tool was created by the people at the Advanced Institute for Architecture of Catalonia and the Joris Laarman Studio.

This incredible robot has nozzles that produce its art-making materials. This impressive artistic robot can create sculptures that stand straight up, or shoot out from a wall surface. Mataerial can create sculptures and change the color of the material it's using.

Mataerial is meant to be an interesting step up from 3-D printers, using thermosetting polymers instead of thermoplastics. Robots can already do so many interesting things and thanks to Mataerial, creating 3-D art can be added to that list. 3-D printer fans are sure to take an interest in this fascinating robotic creation.