The Coscase Was Developed Just for Cosplay Conventions

Although cosplaying is becoming more popular, unless you live in one of the major cities where cosplay conventions are held, you’re most likely going to have to do some travelling to get there. With so many cosplayers asking for a suitcase specifically designed just for all their gear, Frentrep is finally answering their prayers.

For the most part, the 'Coscase' looks like a regular suitcase, but it has several additions that turn it into a cosplayer’s dream. The outside of the case is waterproof and features a number of detachable straps that are ideal for slipping cumbersome tall objects into. Since a lot of the time homemade weapon replicas are a big part of the costumes, these straps make it easy to transport them. The suitcase also works as a makeup stand and expands to hold unusual objects like wigs.

The Coscase is currently part of a crowd-funding project on Motion Gallery, aiming to collect 3,200,000 yen within the next 40 days.