The Offline Social Network Video Pokes Fun at Facebook

 - May 17, 2011
References: & mashable
Australian comedy show The Hungry Beast has created the ultimate Facebook-mocking video entitled 'The Offline Social Network.'

The show pokes fun at the idea of how much information people post in their online profiles. Comedians Nick McDougall and Nick Hayden are shot walking around the streets carrying blue books with the simple word "Face" on the front. Dressed in white shirts, the two then go up to people asking the same questions that Facebook asks for your profile, such as gender, sexuality and age.

The comedic duo poke fun at the typical Facebook problems, such as inappropriate naked photos as well as drunken party photos. The duo also asks the people for personal addresses and emails.

'The Offline Social Network' is superbly funny and is guaranteed to make you think about what information you display online.