This Powerpuff Girl Team Isn’t Like the One You Remember

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back but this Powerpuff Girl team isn’t like the one you remember from childhood. They’ve all grown up and they look stunning as ever. This female trio created these brilliant costumes out of basic materials and bought wigs that look just like the ones from the cartoon.

Blossom is still the queen bee, Bubbles hasn’t grown out of her innocent little smile and Buttercup still looks like she’s in a bad mood. That being said, this Powerpuff girl trio will really surprise you. With their red, blue and green outfits and their convincing facial expressions you will get a great feeling of nostalgia for an awesome retro cartoon.

The costumes are easy to put together, so at the next costume party you attend, consider teaming up with your super friends and dressing like a Powerpuff girl trio.