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ASMR Soothing

ASMR services specific to COVID-19 aim to soothe people's anxieties

Trend - Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) content has been popular on social media and even among branded campaigns for some time now. Now, creators are offering ASMR content in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis--aiming to give people a brief escape from the stress they may feel.

Insight - In what is undoubtedly a stressful time for most people around the world, consumers are looking for new ways to self-soothe in order to contain their anxieties. Though some are turning to more formalized methods of maintaining their mental well-being--like therapy apps--others are opting for more creative engagements they can use as forms of escapism during this time, without the stress of facing another commitment that requires upkeep.
Workshop Question - How is your brand helping consumer anxiety at this time?
6 Featured, 31 Examples:
25,635 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 20 — Sep 20
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Relaxing Chip-Dipping Videos
Relaxing Chip-Dipping Videos
The 'Moe's Queso Relaxation' Video Features Eight Hours of Footage
To help consumers relax amidst the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, Moe’s Southwest Grill has released a soothing new video called ‘Moe’s Queso Relaxation.’ Moe’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Pandemic-Themed ASMR Videos
Pandemic-Themed ASMR Videos
ASMR Darling Launched an Anxiety-Relieving, COVID-19 Video
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are turning to the Internet to soothe their anxieties surrounding the virus, specifically with autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) content. One... MORE
play_circle_filled Bespoke Relaxing Video Soundscapes
Bespoke Relaxing Video Soundscapes
Old Pulteney Launched the 'From Couch to Coast' to Help Relax
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens across the globe have been advised to stay and home and practice social distancing. To help users comply with these regulations while still virtually traveling... MORE
ASMR Mental Health Apps
ASMR Mental Health Apps
Calmind Provides On-Demand Therapy for Stress Management
Calmind is described as a mental health fitness app, as it offers a series of therapy methods that can help users to overcome stress and anxiety. The app features a library of soothing stories and... MORE
play_circle_filled ASMR Car Wash Videos
ASMR Car Wash Videos
BMW's Calm Wash is a Stress-Relieving Car Wash Video
2020 has been a year full of disruption and people are looking for extra comfort—and BMW’s Calm Wash provides a soothing ASMR experience that helps to promote feelings of relaxation. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Relaxing ASMR Videos
Relaxing ASMR Videos
WhisperAudios ASMR on Youtube Taps Role-Playing to Deliver Effective ASMR
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, relaxing ASMR videos can prove to be a life-saver as they have proven to be inherently anxiety-alleviating. WhisperAudios ASMR is a YouTube account run by Charlette who... MORE

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Uplifting Celebrity Makeup Brands
Uplifting Celebrity Makeup Brands
Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Challenges Physical Perfection
Digital Detox Bath Bombs
Digital Detox Bath Bombs
Lush Cosmetics' IRL Bath Bomb Promotes a Day of Digital Detoxing
Affordable Kids' Glasses
Affordable Kids' Glasses
The Coco + Breezy X Zenni Collaboration Will Support Black Communities
Tension-Relieving Footwear
Tension-Relieving Footwear
The Nike Offline Style is Described as an "Anti-Sneaker Silhouette"
Anxiety Management Playing Cards
Anxiety Management Playing Cards
SUNCards Help to Support Pre-Teens with Anxiety
Activism-Focused Magazine Issues
Activism-Focused Magazine Issues
British Vogue's September Issue Spotlights 40 Activists
Negative Thought-Eliminating Apps
Negative Thought-Eliminating Apps
Thinkladder Helps Users Change Their Thought Patterns
Male-Targeted Mental Health Apps
Male-Targeted Mental Health Apps
The Tethr Mobile Application Focuses on Men's Mental Health
Ancient Superfood Products
Ancient Superfood Products
Kola's New Super Goodies Support Both Physical and Mental Health
Takeout Protein Orders
Takeout Protein Orders
Moe's Market Offers Proteins and Ingredients a La Carte in Bulk
play_circle_filled Historical Series-Themed ASMR Videos
Historical Series-Themed ASMR Videos
The 'Outlander' TV Network Debuted a Series of ASMR Videos
play_circle_filled ASMR Celebrity Documentaries
ASMR Celebrity Documentaries
ASMR Singer Alaina Castillo Debuted a New Spotify Documentary
Pig-Themed ASMR Channels
Pig-Themed ASMR Channels
ASMR Suna is a YouTube Channel That Features Adorable Piglets
play_circle_filled Stress-Relieving ASMR Channels
Stress-Relieving ASMR Channels
Gibi ASMR is a YouTube Channel That Focuses on Role-play and Makeup
Self-Assembly Taco Kits
Self-Assembly Taco Kits
Moe's Build Your Own Taco Kit Supplies Essentials for an At-Home Meal
play_circle_filled Game-Themed ASMR Videos
Game-Themed ASMR Videos
The Pokémon Company Launched Official ASMR Content with Popular Characters
Whimsical Slime Packaging
Whimsical Slime Packaging
Vault49 Curates a Stunningly Playful Design for the Moon Cotton Brand
play_circle_filled Branded Technology ASMR Campaigns
Branded Technology ASMR Campaigns
The Apple ASMR Campaign Expands on the 'Shot on iPhone' Series
Sensory Restaurant Pop-Ups
Sensory Restaurant Pop-Ups
Jack in the Box and Bustle are Hosting 'House of Crunch'
Lobster-Inspired Fashion Capsules
Lobster-Inspired Fashion Capsules
Liam Hodges' 'Lobster' is an Exclusive Capsule for SS 2019
Relaxing Social Channels
Relaxing Social Channels
LADbible and Three are Sharing 'Relaxing Stuff' Across Social Media
play_circle_filled Branded ASMR Tutorials
Branded ASMR Tutorials
LYNX's Shower & Shave Series Offers an Informative, Sensory Journey
play_circle_filled ASMR Beer Commercials
ASMR Beer Commercials
The Pure Experience by Michelob Ultra Elicits a Sensory Response
play_circle_filled Branded Travel ASMR Videos
Branded Travel ASMR Videos
National Rail's 27-Minute Video Takes Listeners on a Relaxing Journey
Mexican Macaroni Dinners
Mexican Macaroni Dinners
Moe's New Mac 'N Queso Puts a Mexican Twist on Comfort Food
Chunky Restaurant Brand Salsas
Chunky Restaurant Brand Salsas
Moe's Southwest Grill is Now Selling a Line of Chunky Salsas
Flavorful Queso Menus
Flavorful Queso Menus
Moe's Southwestern Grill is Now Offering Three New Queso Flavors
Southwestern Breakfast Bowls
Southwestern Breakfast Bowls
Kellogg's and Moe's Created a Range of Frozen Breakfast Bowls
Citrusy Non-Alcoholic Margaritas
Citrusy Non-Alcoholic Margaritas
Moe's Southwest Grill Introduced the 'Moe-Rita' for Cinco de Mayo
Sauce-Topped Burritos
Sauce-Topped Burritos
The Smothered Burritos from Moe's Southwest Grill are Deliciously Messy
play_circle_filled Tortilla Chip Guitar Ads
Tortilla Chip Guitar Ads
This Electric Guitar was Created to Promote Moe's Southwest Grill