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Brands are launching products that aesthetically boast the values of STEM learning

Trend - STEM learning emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Aside from the many hands-on tools available to teach children in this way, beauty and fashion brands are betting on a STEM-inspired aesthetic in their products and campaigns, seeking to empower instead of educating.

Insight - For Millennial and Gen Z consumers, the aesthetic of a product is of the utmost importance and as a result, it strongly guides their purchasing decisions. Concerned with the ability of self-expression to the highest and most accurate degree, individuals seek out ways to strike a balance between their consumption and their lifestyle philosophy. In this space, Millennials and Gen Z are driven by their personal interests, as well as other factors such as occupation or education.
Workshop Question - How can you empower your target demographic through aesthetics?
4 Featured, 36 Examples:
36,926 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 19 — Oct 20
This Quarter and Warm
Consumer Insight Topics:

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