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Recreational Virtual Reality

Gamers revert to mundane roleplay

Implications - The rise of virtual simulation in gaming has evolved to new heights with controller-less consoles and innovations that place players as far into a game as possible, but the advancements have brought about a new level of apathy that's showing up in new games, which simulate the mundane nature of real life.
6 Featured, 52 Examples:
193,961 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 13 — Apr 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Purposely Lackluster Video Games
Purposely Lackluster Video Games
'Waiting In Line 3D' Encourages You to Practice Your Patience
Boring reaches new heights with ‘Waiting In line 3D,’ the newest browser game that purposely isn’t all the rage. It this game you will literally bore your player to death for he... MORE
play_circle_filled Virtual Guillotine Simulators
Virtual Guillotine Simulators
New Videogame from Oculus Rift Will Make You Lose Your Head
Virtual reality company Oculus Rift has created a game that is unlike any other: a guillotine simulator. Complete with an angry virtual crowd cheering for your death, this new game called ‘Disunion MORE
Realist Video Games
Realist Video Games
'Always Sometimes Monsters' Mimics Real Life
Ever think you’d make an amazing life coach? Put that hypothesis to the test with new realistic video game by Mashable at PAX, entitled ‘Sometimes Always Monsters.’ The game is structured to... MORE
play_circle_filled Death-Simulating Games
Death-Simulating Games
DayZ by Dean Hall Leaves the Gamer Struggling with Morality
The newly launched DayZ game by developer Dean Hall is a multiplayer PC game set in a zombie apocalypse and has already surpassed its one millionth download in less than a month since its release.... MORE
play_circle_filled Kafkaesque Video Games
Kafkaesque Video Games
The Franz Kafka Videogame Will Bring Kafka's Surreal World to Life
For literary buffs, the development of the ‘Franz Kafka Videogame’ may seem too good to be true. This isn’t the first time Indie game developer Denis Galanin has turned a literary classic into... MORE
play_circle_filled Sarcastic Appliance Sim Games
Sarcastic Appliance Sim Games
The Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 Lets You Live the Life of a Roomba
The Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is exactly what it sounds like, and surprisingly, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This game lets you live the life of a robot vacuum, and it’s your job to... MORE

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Rage-Preventing Gaming Headsets
Rage-Preventing Gaming Headsets
The Immersion Headset Can Control Your Gaming Rage
Retro Gamer Timers
Retro Gamer Timers
The Game Time Digital Timer Pays Tribute to the Classic Game Boy
Nostalgic Space Odyssey Games
Nostalgic Space Odyssey Games
Explore the Far Reaches of Space with the Star Trek Pinball Machine
play_circle_filled Packaged Powerhouse Gaming Consoles
Packaged Powerhouse Gaming Consoles
The Xtreamer is a New Android Game Console
play_circle_filled Eye Contact Aversion Games
Eye Contact Aversion Games
Rachel Knoll’s Elevator Game Makes Social Avoidance a Skill Set
play_circle_filled Virtual Assassin Games
Virtual Assassin Games
This Interactive Game Transforms You into a Virtual Assassin
Retro Valise Arcades
Retro Valise Arcades
Take Your Favorite Games to Work with the Briefcase Arcade Machine
play_circle_filled Feline Destruction PC Games
Feline Destruction PC Games
Catlateral Damage Revels in Cat Related Mischief
play_circle_filled LEGO Zombie Gamer Tributes
LEGO Zombie Gamer Tributes
This LEGO Last of Us Video is Zombie-Crushing Fun
Retro Gamer Cleansers
Retro Gamer Cleansers
The Super Nintendo Gamer Soap Cartridges Keep Geeks Clean
Retro Gamer Notebooks
Retro Gamer Notebooks
Maya Pixelskaya's Game Book is an Adorable Game Boy Look-Alike
play_circle_filled Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Sarah Dos Santos Talks About a Unique Video Game Cosplay Craze
Writer-Representing Coffee Charts
Writer-Representing Coffee Charts
Gianluca Biscalchin's Author Illustrations Show Writers as Cups
Temporary Literary Icon Tattoos
Temporary Literary Icon Tattoos
Show Your Pride and Prejudice with These Jane Austen Tattoos
play_circle_filled Hybrid Projected Video Games
Hybrid Projected Video Games
Revenge of Revenge of Doh Requires Physical Interaction to Play
play_circle_filled Virtual Literary Worlds
Virtual Literary Worlds
Ever, Jane is an English Lit Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Puzzling Stress Relievers
Puzzling Stress Relievers
The Tetris Stress Blocks are Perfect for Anxiety-Filled Gamers
Digital USB Libraries
Digital USB Libraries
The '3000 Classic Books USB' Contains Digital Literary Classics to Read
Illegal Immigration Simulations
Illegal Immigration Simulations
An Attraction at Parque Ecoalberto Lets You Try a Border Crossing
play_circle_filled Video Game-Specialized Treadmills
Video Game-Specialized Treadmills
This Virtual Reality Treadmill Should Be Part of Any Game Room
play_circle_filled Body-Controlled Dance Games
Body-Controlled Dance Games
The Fantasia: Music Evolved XBOX Kinect Game is Inspired by Disney
Kiss Tag Video Games
Kiss Tag Video Games
Kiss Chase is Reminiscent of Elementary School Days Playing Kiss Tag
Fashionable Gamer Armor
Fashionable Gamer Armor
The THUNDERBOX Face Mask Will Protect and Beautify Retro Gamers
play_circle_filled Film Noir Video Games
Film Noir Video Games
Fans Will Enjoy This Noir Pac-Man Movie
Galactic Photography Simulations
Galactic Photography Simulations
The NYC on Other Planets Simulations are Aesthetically Clever
Portable Camera Lucidas
Portable Camera Lucidas
The NeoLucida is an Modernized Version of the 19th Century Drawing Tool
play_circle_filled TV Series Toy Gaming
TV Series Toy Gaming
The Breaking Bad Video Game by Brian Anderson is Sure to Cause a Riot
play_circle_filled Immersive Gaming Headpieces
Immersive Gaming Headpieces
Stefan Welker Crafts a Virtual Reality Gaming Head Gear
Game Plumber-Themed Maps
Game Plumber-Themed Maps
Ken Kocses’ Super Mario-Themed Poster is the Ideal Map for Any Game
play_circle_filled Comical Super Villain Dating
Comical Super Villain Dating
Super Villains Get Help Finding Love in Stan Lee’s YouTube Chan
Social Good Entertainment
Social Good Entertainment
Global Good Games Aims to Shift the Video Gaming Paradigm
play_circle_filled Omni-Directional Gaming Treadmills
Omni-Directional Gaming Treadmills
The Virtuix Omni Works Gives Gamers a More Immersive Experience
Infinite Virtual Mazes
Infinite Virtual Mazes
This Virtual Reality Maze from Hannes Kaufmann Literally Has No End
Scent-Infused Television
Scent-Infused Television
The IEEE Virtual Reality Orlando Conference Unveils Novel Shows
Video Game Graphic Landscapes
Video Game Graphic Landscapes
Low-Poly Scenery Shows a Geometric Resolution Version of the World
play_circle_filled Computer Controlling Bracelets
Computer Controlling Bracelets
These Computer Commanding Bracelets are from Thalmic Labs
Brainwave Reading Video Games
Brainwave Reading Video Games
This Kickstarter Project Lets You 'Throw Trucks with Your Mind'
play_circle_filled Body Inhabiting Technology
Body Inhabiting Technology
This Virtual Technology Engages All Five Senses
Virtual Reality-Inspired Gardening
Virtual Reality-Inspired Gardening
Karen Stoyanov Tomato Products Explore Digital Farming
Virtual Reality Test Drives
Virtual Reality Test Drives
South African Audiences Take Virtual Hyundai i30 Test Drive
8-Bit Literary Classic Covers
8-Bit Literary Classic Covers
Oliver Miller Renders Book Sleeves Using Pixel Art Style
Surreal Gaming Specs
Surreal Gaming Specs
The 'Oculus Rift' Headset Provides an Interactive Experience
play_circle_filled Surreal Sandbox Simulations
Surreal Sandbox Simulations
The Augmented Reality Sandbox Creates Psychedelic Digital Maps
Two-Stage Literary Interpretation Ads
Two-Stage Literary Interpretation Ads
These Posters for Mint Vinetu Bookstores are Insightful
Real-Life Video Games
Real-Life Video Games
The Explorence App Provides Activity Incentives Through Races and Wagering
Male Pregnancy Simulations
Male Pregnancy Simulations
Takayuki Kosaka's 'Mommy Tummy' Will Show Men What Pregnancy Feels Like
Sensitive Virtual Simulations
Sensitive Virtual Simulations
Disney's Surround Haptics System Will Tingle Your Spine
Paper Liposuction Simulations
Paper Liposuction Simulations
The New Weight Watchers Ad Lets You Peel Off lbs
play_circle_filled Fireworks Simulators
Fireworks Simulators
Sega Fireworks Projector Lets You Celebrate Any Day
play_circle_filled Amazing Cosmic Simulations
Amazing Cosmic Simulations
Astronomy Videos from The New Scientist
play_circle_filled Walking on Water Simulations
Walking on Water Simulations
Arcstream AV Living Image
Bizarre Games
Bizarre Games
US Cornhole Craze