Catlateral Damage Revels in Cat Related Mischief

 - Jan 16, 2014
References: youtube & theverge
Video Game developer Chris Chung is set to give the fully completed release of his PC game Catlateral Damage an official release in 2014.

Catlateral Damage puts you in the skin of a naughty cat left to his own devices in his owner’s house with the goal of knocking as many objects over and off shelves and tables as possible within the time span of two minutes. This game is a fun tongue-in-cheek commentary on the mischievous and often troublesome nature of cats. Cats often seem to enjoy exasperating their owners by knocking things down when they are not looking.

Catlateral Damage is a must-play PC game for anyone who’s ever owned one or more cats in their lifetime, and wants to have a good laugh over their cat’s antics.