The NeoLucida is an Modernized Version of the 19th Century Drawing Tool

 - May 9, 2013
References: kickstarter & thisiscolossal
Before there was Google Glass or, for that matter, photographic technology, there was the Camera Lucida, which the NeoLucida is based off of. A clever optical device designed by Sir William Hyde Wollaston, the Camera Lucida used a prism to project an image on a sheet of paper to trace. The NeoLucida does the same thing but in a more compact and portable way.

Created by Chicago-based duo Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin, the NeoLucida is the first of its kind in nearly a century. Although many people might not be interested in using the NeoLucida since they are hooked on Oculus Rift, Instagram and more, others will see the benefit of such a device. The NeoLucida is perfect for students of art who love to execute photo-realistic drawings.