From Vibrant Exposed Pencils to Rapping Writing Tools

 - Aug 22, 2013
As August is coming to a close and the school year is about to begin, these eccentric pencils will help you start the semester in style.

Pencils have fallen from popularity and have been replaced by the pen; however this year, these writing tools will allow you to get homework done in style. Depending on the school you attend, and what year you are in, it may delegate which of the pencils is perfect for you.

Everything from famous movie quotes, to swear words, to floral patterns are included in this list. There are even scented pencils, which will make your hands smell fabulous.

It can be tough to want to go back to school, but studying will be a lot more fun if the writing tool you are using is showing you inspirational words. These eccentric pencils may not guarantee straight A's, but they will help you get through the challenging first few weeks.