Pendio by Yeongkeun Jeong Provides Audio Entertainment While You Write

 - Jan 23, 2013
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So long as you have your Pendio by Yeongkeun Jeong, you don't really need to carry your iPod or your tablet around for entertainment. The unassuming device isn't simply a writing utensil, its core comprises some tiny electronic components in addition to its tube of ink.

When viewed from one side, you might likely mistake the implement for a pencil. It's carved beautifully from wood and integrates a very fine metal tip that could look much like a sharpened end of graphite. One section of the apparatus does reveal its unexpected second function. A numbered strip and a small red marker become indicators that the Pendio by Yeongkeun Jeong operates as a radio. Turn the dial to select your favorite frequency and listen to music while you make notes.